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Redken Styling Reinvention Event

When you think Redken, think about all those amplified styles and volumes that you would see in Hollywood movies. This time Redken's 5th Avenue NYC Styling Reinvention launches its latest products which consists of the four elements that make Redken what it is today which is "The Muse, The Innovator, The Creator and The Rebel".

Redken Styling Reinvented

Influence by songstress Sky Ferreira's rockstar portrayal, The Muse is considered a source of knowledge by breathing inspiration into others to illuminate truths and offer sustained energy. Creating cutting-edge trends happening on the street in real time, The Muse is in sacred alliance with its partner to inspire creative endeavors.

The Innovator on the other hand is a range that takes wild and frequent risks that shifts the usual status quo. The willingness to experiment is key and it is characterized by rigorous research willpower and imagination. Hence, Redken's latest products come in new packaging navigation color-coded by end result, clearer product name and level of control and easier shop-ability.


The Creator is highly imaginative and acts upon the need for innovation, invention and reinterpretation. Believing in the value of inner expression, the Creator is dedicated, hardworking and achievement oriented with a passionate need for self-expression.

Last but not least is Redken's touch of The Rebel. With bold leadership, courage and power, The Rebel heralds fresh perspectives, new outlooks, aspirational change and awakening. A rule breaker, The Rebel challenges convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope.

Parading Redken's stylish hairstyles
Like the rocker chic hairstyles?

At the launch of Redken's 5th Avenue NYC event, we see Harley Davidson bikes and models paired with rocker chic outfits and voluminized hair. Walking up and down the runway, models donned straight cut leather jackets, corset/crop tops with matching leggings. Redken stylists also came to perform a hands on experience on the models by redesigning their hair right up in front of the audiences .

New Product Range from Redken

For those that are unfamiliar with the new range, Redken's latest consist of six categories of  new products to tackle different forms of hairstyles (Texture, Smooth, Shine, Heat Styling, Hairspray and New Flex). By far, the category 'Texture' has the most amount of products within the newly launched groups; with it's play of consistencies textures of water-based, gel, paste and clay.

Redken's Van Concept
Group Shot

So if you are looking to tussle up that hair and create a more voluminous look with Redken, do look out for more information on the links below. Time to get inspired and be a part of something big ;)

Redken Official Facebook Page:
Redken Official Website:



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