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GUESS By Female Magazine Blogger Awards; Top 4


Blogger's Note

There is just something very special when what you love gives you that abundance of joy and happiness. Believe me, it's like a burst of pride and elation that you have never felt before; even more so when it manages to helps others as well.

I believe that  cultivating memories are a huge part of it and meeting great people along the way is an exceptional bonus so henceforth my dear readers, friends and loved ones it is with great tremendous pleasure that I convey to you that we have made it to the Top 4 for the GUESS by Female Magazine Blogger Awards!

Yes you read that right, it is 'we' because if not for your love and encouragement, Pen My Blog would not be where it is today. I can honestly tell you that there are not many people who would go the extra mile for you when needed but I was thoroughly amazed when I saw just how many of you shared with me your happiness and gave me your unending support.

You are the encouragement that I am humbly blessed with and even-though I know it sounds super cheesy please know that deep down I appreciate it with all my heart.

A final round of voting will conclude the  GUESS by Female Magazine Blogger Awards which will be on the 25th of August up to the 8th of September so I do sincerely hope that I will still have a little bit of your time and support.

Apparel: Linear Dot Lace Dress from GUESS; RM 399
Accessories: Butterfly Necklace from GUESS Accessories; RM 150

So since this post is tied in with GUESS Malaysia and Female Magazine, it is only fair to sport it with the beautiful apparels and accessories from GUESS. However as this is the denim season, I decided to do a little mix and match with a beautiful GUESS "KATE Skinny' Jeans for three looks; ' A Romantic Dinner, A Music Festival and A Night Out With Friends.' I call them my Denim Refresh styling moments.

A Romantic Dinner 

Apparel: Kate Skinny Jeans from GUESS; RM 399
Slim Fit, Low Rise, Skinny Leg

Now we all know how romantic dinners go. The boyfriend takes you out to a fancy place, you order from a calligraphic menu where you try your hardest to make out the words (and price) and you definitely need to dress to impress. In other words the pressure is on. You want to impress your other half, yet look feminine and elegant at the same time. Your hair has to be perfectly set, heels a must and comfort in clothes is a number one priority.

So what can you do with denim? Denim unlike other styles is a universal apparel that can be worn countless times over and over again to match any occasion. So as I wanted to emphasize on the GUESS "KATE Skinny' Jeans beautiful sky blue color, I kept it simple with an off-white sheer chiffon peter pan collared top with pearl and zirconia beading, a thin brown leather belt and nude heels. 

However, since I wanted to dazzle the outfit up a bit, I decided to amp it out with a silver metallic clutch and an embellished black headband. After all, no one can go wrong with a little more bling right?

A Music Festival

Apparel: Shine Bright Perfect T-Shirt from GUESS; RM 149
Kate Skinny Jeans from GUESS; RM 399
Slim Fit, Low Rise, Skinny Leg

Hey there rockstar, going for a concert are you? Jeans never go wrong here, and if anything they add a classic touch rock-ability feel to your outfit. Black fits the tone well and of course a little bedazzlement on the T-Shirt won't hurt anyone.

Pairing up a Shine Bright Perfect T-Shirt from GUESS with our beloved GUESS Kate Skinny Jeans, we rocked this outfit with a denim jacket for that double denim look. Jazzing the look up in a comfortable pair of boots, why not add a splash of color with a vintage red scarf? Not only will it make your look more retro but it will also make your outfit more complete. Think of jet-setting fashionable celebs like Nicole Richie or even modern pin-up beauties like Cher Lloyd.

A Night Out Party With Friends

Apparel: Baby Floral Sharkbite Top from GUESS; RM 249
Kate Skinny Jeans from GUESS; RM 399
Slim Fit, Low Rise, Skinny Leg

Now we have all seen the movies, the TV shows and the television series. Sharkbite tops seem to be taking the fashion world by storm and internationally, girls everywhere seem to be following the trend.

Easy to match and perfect for any occasion, this Baby Floral Sharkbite Top from GUESS is a beauty and pairing it up with our favorite Kate Skinny Jeans from GUESS, it is absolutely perfect for a night out party with friends. Adding classic black pumps and chunky accessories will contribute well to that night glam look and of course let's do a little bit of a color blocking with the bag.

So for those girls who are looking to add a touch of color with their outfits, always remember that keeping things simple is always the best. Not too overly done and effortlessly chic. Plus did I mention that it would be easy to move around in?

Apparel: Linear Dot Lace Dress from GUESS; RM 399
Accessories: Butterfly Necklace from GUESS Accessories; RM 150

Maybe it's just me but after trying the clothes on, GUESS apparel is just so amazingly stylish, well fitted and of great quality. Having it's own unique style on and off the fashion runways, it never ceases to amaze me just how accurate their fittings can be; especially when it comes to their collection of jeans.

The snug fit of the front and back pockets; my favourite part of the jeans

With regard to the GUESS by Female Magazine blogger award, I humbly thank each and every one of you for your kind support and hope that I will receive your same love for the final round of voting that will be coming at the end of the month.

It has been an amazing journey, what with having a lovely connection with my readers, meeting lovely people and beautiful friends and last but not least being able to be a part of experiencing great memories together. So thank you so much GUESS and Female Magazine for this lovely acknowledgement, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

So if you are looking to support myself and my humble blog "Pen My Blog" you can do so via the link below. Vote castings will be done Once A Day, so if you do have the time, do vote for me; I will truly appreciate the thought and gesture :) To this end, I wish the best of luck to the contestants and much love to each and every one of my beautiful readers. Thank you so much your great encouragements and I hope that I will always have your unending support <3

Cast a Vote DAILY from the 25th of August - 8th of September for Shivani Balraj a.k.a "Pen My Blog" at http://female.bloggeraward.my/profile/?blogger=8



  1. Love ur style.. as always!! ;)

  2. I Agree with Edazz :) you look amazing as usual.. you have our support for sure babe! We love you! Xx

    1. Aww thanks Claudine dear <3 Love you girls too :)

  3. i love all the looks you suggested above!! good luck Shivani ^_^

    1. Thanks Mieza dear :) GUESS really has a lovely array of clothes :)

  4. Agree, you always look absolutely stunning! You have my support, goodluck babe <3

  5. Congratulations!! I'm actually crossing my fingers and hoping you'll get into the finals =D It's definitely a nice treat from GUESS and to get to shop for free =D That skinny jeans fits you so well.

    1. Aww thanks for your sweet wishes babe <3 I was happy to see that GUESS had jeans in my size, normally it's sort of hard to find jeans that fit me well. Hoping for the best now, keeping fingers crossed! ^^


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