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Creating looks with Benefit's Real Push Up Liner

So if you have been following my blog for some time now you would know right off the bat that I like experimenting with eyeliners quite a bit. There are just so many sorts; colored, liquid, shimmery, pencil, gel and more that you simply can't be satisfied with just one.  Well that's for me at the very least.

If you have read my last post regarding the Benefit's Real Push Up Liner, it comes to no surprise that it is currently my latest fascination as it is the first liner that I've own which is completely matte black and has such deep color pay-off.

Usually what I would normally do to test out how good an eyeliner is to amplify it's capability by creating various designs. Of course our simple winged tip comes into play here since Benefit has this soft Accuflex tip to help with the sharp edges but let's try and see how much more it can achieve.

Today I decided to try out two looks, one simple and another a dramatic one. Benefit's Real Push Up Liner does quite well in creating that desired wing tip for the simple cat eye look, but as for the dramatic one it did take me a little more time as I had to work very fast filling in the smaller areas around the eyes first as the color does dry up pretty quick.

For the sharp edges; liked the winged tip or even the dramatic point in both cat eye looks, the Accuflex tip on Benefit's Real Push Up Liner made this task so much more easier as I did not have much worry much about creating that sharp shape as I would usually do with my normal liquid liners.

However as I did mention before the color does dry pretty quick after being swatched upon so try not to layer on too much product on one area as you might waste the gel liner. However, if you are looking to create a dramatic look that has a lot of fine lines as well, it's best to lightly map out your desired shape first with your liner then work inward to fill in all the gaps that you might have missed.

Full Dramatic Cat-Eye Look

I had quite a bit of fun trying this eyeliner out but it does serve well to get a bit of practice with it first because if you are not used to it, you might get a bit of smudging on your eye. This is a gel liner after all. However, if you are looking at the outcome for both the "Simple" and "Dramatic" Cat Eye Looks, the color payoff does not disappoint and the Accuflex Tip does really well in creating those sharp points of precision.

If you are looking to find out more about the Benefit's Real Push Up Liner, you can always go to this link or refer to the details below. The eyeliner is a pretty worth-while product to sample, so if you do have the chance to try it out, why not amp it up a tad bit and see what looks you can create? After all a little bit of practice always go a long way.


Product: Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner
Retail Price: RM100
Quantity: 1.4g
Made In: Japan
Available at: All Sephora stores and Benefit Counters



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