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Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow Launch

God save the bling

It is no secret that all girls love a little bling so with all the upcoming festivities around; Benefit Cosmetics has created Bling Brow; a top of the range Swarovski Crystal Jewelry to add a little something special to your brow, face and body.

Benefit Bling Brow

The Bling Brow comes in a gorgeous gold box and due to the fact that it is a limited edition product; Benefit Cosmetics will only be launching it in it's stores come November 1st 2014. There will be two type of sets available; one in the combination of Rose Gold and Crystal and the other in Rose Gold and Griege.

The Unveil

Each set consists with 52 self-adhesive Swarovski Crystals in small, medium and large. This is so that you can have a choice on dimension if you have a certain design in mind that you would like to try on your brows. 

The three looks

It also comes with mini tweezers and a guide to give you that special look. If handled with care, these Swarovski crystals can be reused as many time as you like; even with the assist of Benefit's Lash Glue if you find that after a few uses that the crystal is not as sticky as it was before.

Over the top bling

The Bling Brow works wonderfully with the perfect brow and this is because if there are strays; your crystal might not stick on too well and hence it will not last long. So it is recommended to tidy up those brows a bit before you put this on for after all, nobody would like to waste a great product right?

Trying it on

In the meantime after it's launch, Benefit Cosmetics will be offering the Bling Brow Service at all Benefit Brow Bars and boutiques while stocks last; as mentioned that this is a limited edition product.

There are eight different shades available for the Bling Brow Service (Rose Gold, Griege, Light Silk, Crystal, Smoked Topaz, Green Multi Color, Light Pink and Pink Multi Color.) The price range for the service is also listed below.

The Bling Brow Service Rate:

1) Touch O'Bling : RM15 - RM30
2) Over the Top Bling: RM30
3) Big Time Bling: RM50 - RM65

With Kelly and Paige
Group Shot

So for those who are looking to purchase this gorgeous set; you can find it at any Benefit Cosmetics Counter for RM105 once launched on the 1st of November. Stock will only be there until it runs out so don't miss the opportunity to have this beauty in your vanity for those special occasions.

However for more information about Benefit Cosmetics Bling Brow, you can always visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook Page or their Official Website.



  1. Woww.. you look great babe ! I shall try to bling up my brow too.. hahaha

  2. i think that'll look good on a glamorous night dinner/party

  3. Have you seen my brows?! I can naver make it look as good as I want it to be, and I have very low standards. These brow blings may just be right for ladies with well shaped brows since it all accentuate and highlight them.

  4. What a cute accessory! But it looks like only something the young can do. Is that based on a culture, though?

  5. nice concept of a brow store launch. for sure girls are way too happy for this event!

  6. The ladies in Malaysia are so pretty most of them have fair skin so they are really perfect for Benefit Cosmetics bling brow products.

  7. Ladies could use a bling or two to match their outfits.

  8. I have yet to see someone with this accessories personally, but it looks good on the photo, I'm sure this will click on girls who loves accessories


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