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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N50 Review

For the past few days I have been donning this new shade of lipstick from Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist range and since having compliments and questions asked about it; I decided to do a full review on it's consistency, color and long lasting effect.

In the shade of N50

Now first and foremost, this Rouge Artist Lipstick is in the shade of Natural N50 and is a beautiful deep wine red when applied on the lips. It has great pigmentation and although this lipstick is in a rather deep hue, it does give off a wonderful gloss on the lips as well.


Try not to be too fooled by it's dark shade though as the color does come up pretty light on the lips on the first swatch. I think this is because of it's tinted gloss but it does make the lipstick pretty versatile in terms of how much of color you would want to go on the lips. In addition, it does not leave a sticky feel on the lips as well.

Swatch Test ; Buildable Color

Retailing at around RM80 per a 3.5g tube, application is best with a lip brush to ensure that ample evenness and smoothness is given.

This is because when direct application is used; more often than not the lipstick will cling on to the dry areas of your lips and in terms; will make your them look chapped and that you will be wasting more of the product than usual.

The Before and After

In terms of it's lasting duration; it holds up pretty well except when having oily food. Oil is what get's this lipstick off so if I were you get a good oil based lip makeup remover. Other than that, the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N50 is extremely hydrating and can last on your lips for about 4 hours without the need of reapplication.

A Closer Look

One thing about this lipstick, is that when you store it; please do it at room temperature. Try not to leave it in your car where the weather is too hot or else the lipstick will melt. So when you do keep it; do it with great care. I am sure you wouldn't want a RM80 lipstick to go to waste!

With regard to the packaging, I'd have to say that I am not too big of a fan of it as it leaves fingerprints all over upon use, so if you are an OCD person like myself, time to get a cloth ready and rub away!

What do we think?

Overall, this lipstick has been one of my current October favorites that I have been carrying around in my makeup pouch and I have to say that it's hue is definitely an eye-catching showstopper at most events. Some people might not take it as a great daily wear but then again, the color is indeed meant for special occasions.


Name: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N50
Price: Around RM80
Quantity: 3.5g
Where to Purchase: MUFE Pro Boutiques, or at selected Sephora Stores

Pros: Moisturizing properties, Hydrating, Long lasting and strong color pigmentation
Cons: Packaging not fingerproof-friendly, not for daily use.
Rating: 4.5/5


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  1. This definitely make a great fall lipstick! =D Great for date nights =)


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