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COLLECTION Cosmetics LookBook Competition Mechanics

Now I know everyone has been in the hype for COLLECTION's Cosmetics New LookBook competition app on Facebook but for those of you who are not in the loop, I will be here to explain the contest mechanics to you and as to how it works.

Facebook applications are pretty easy to breakdown but as it goes; COLLECTION Cosmetics have taken the unique direction to go about it with colorful themes for the competition for the duration of four collective weeks.
Theme of Each Week:

1) Week 1; Candy Crush : 24th September - 30th September 2014

2) Week 2; Gorgeously Sweet : 1st October - 7th October 2014

3) Week 3; Coming Soon: 8th October - 14th October 2014

4) Week 4; Coming Soon: 16th October - 21st October 2014

How to join and what do you win?

The mechanics are pretty simple where you would need to follow the theme for each week and don yourself with the right makeup and outfit while later posting your photo up on their Facebook App page over at

Contest Mechanics:


a. LIKE Collection Cosmetics MY Facebook page
b. Take a picture based on the weekly theme
c. Submit your photo via COLLECTION Cosmetics Facebook App


a. Take a picture based on the weekly theme
b. Submit your photo by using hashtag #CollectionLookBook and the theme of the week
Eg: #CollectionLookBook #candycrushcollection

So I am sure by now you must be wondering, what is the highlight of this competition? Why none other than the amazing prizes given for COLLECTION Cosmetics of course!

1. Top to Toe Makeover Party with Nelydia Senrose
2. A photoshoot with Nelydia Senrose
3. A Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone
4. RM 800 worth of Make Up products by COLLECTION Cosmetics and wardrobe by F Block Boutique Stores
Follow up with the theme of the week

So if you have yet to join, it's time to get creative and start snapping away your best colorful #OOTDs. This week's theme is all about being gorgeously sweet so start thinking of pink hues, pastel purples and light natural finishes.

Join in the fun!

To find out more information on COLLECTION Cosmetics, head on to the links below.  COLLECTION Cosmetics  is also currently having a roadshow as well but you can head on over to this link <> to find out more. Have fun!

COLLECTION Cosmetics Official Facebook Page:

COLLECTION Cosmetics Official Website:

COLLECTION Cosmetics Official Instagram:

COLLECTION Cosmetics Official  App Book Look:


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