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Giveaway Announcement

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MAYBANK 54th Anniversary Celebration Surprise


Reaching out and touching the hearts of people is not something that many brands or companies can do and for today I would like to share an enlightening video that I stumbled upon from Maybank Malaysia. This of course is a little different from our usual fashion and beauty share but I personally feel that this video needs to be acknowledged; partly because of it's heartwarming gestures and wonderful appreciation towards it's customers for the past 54 years.

Surprising it's customers

Banks are usually known as one of the more serious fields in it's segment where professionalism and service serves as a priority amongst the community. However,being one of the world's strongest banks, Maybank decided that for their 54th Anniversary which was held on the 12th of September 2014, to do something different; which is to go out and give surprises to the ones that brought them to where they are now; who in other words are their customers.

Celebrating Maybank's 54th Anniversary

Now this not a common thing you would often see from brands or banks and this ladies and gents is what makes Maybank so different from the rest. Being part of Maybank's ongoing effort to #humanisebanking, I find that whoever came up with this idea has to be the warmest and brilliant person I have yet to meet and I have to say that the surprised looks and smiles on the customers face just makes it all the more better.

Helping others

This extraordinary length was taken from the 12th to the 30th of September and given in forms of great appreciation; to those who have been their long standing customers, customers who walked into their branches and even a little visitation to deliver personalized tokens of appreciation.

All in all I have to say well done Maybank and as a customer myself; I am simply taken with what the bank has done for the people. It is one of the sweetest and humbling gestures I have seen and this is probably one of the best gifts that your customers could receive on Maybank's 54th Anniversary and vice versa.

If you all are looking for the video that made that great impact, I have linked it below for reference as well. Faith in humanity restored :D


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