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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

"When Tomorrow Becomes Today, When Next Becomes Now, We Feel Most Inspired."

Introducing the all new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. 
Next is Now.

If that video did not get you hyped enough, its time to grip to the edge of your seats for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has finally been launched. Officiating its release in Barcelona, Spain, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 6 edge is a seamlessly blend of premium materials with the most advanced Samsung technology to offer consumers an unmatched mobile experience.

The New Launch from Samsung
"With the all new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung is offering what's next in mobility, along with a new standard to drive the global mobile agenda. With a re-imagined design, robust partner network and novel services, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge offers users the ultimate experience in smartphone options." said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics."

Equipped with an incredibly vivid, bright and fast front and rear camera, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have F1.9 lenses and high resolution sensors on both front (5MP) and rear (16MP) cameras that provide the most superior image quality in a smartphone, even in the dark.

Testing out the camera

Though what was most intriguing about the two Samsung phones though was the new "Quick Launch" feature that give its users fast, direct access to the camera from any screen in just 0.7 seconds by simply double clicking the home key button. These advanced camera functions enable users to capture their most precious and personal moments in uncompromising quality, however and whenever they want.

The Unveiling

However what made the crowd cheer in applause was the fully embedded WPC and PMA certified wireless charging technology that sports incredibly fast wired charging for up to 1.5 times faster than its predecessor; the Galaxy S5, providing about 4 hours of usage after only 10 minutes of charging time. Now you'd have to admit, that is pretty amazing.


Samsung has also included an easy and protected mobile payment called the Samsung Pay which will be compatible with more locations than any competing offering in a single application. This will launch on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge in the United States during the second half of 2015.

Now although this may rise a little concern, rest assured that all data will be protected by the upgraded Samsung KNOX, which is a secure mobile platform offering defense-grade features for real-time protection from potential malicious attacks. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge is pretty light and thin with a built in battery too and upgrades to DDR4 RAM that brings ultra-fast storage as well.

Specifications Of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge:

Dimensions: 6.8mm/7.0 edge

Weight: 138g

Build: Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back Panel

Features: Fingerprint sensor (PayPal Certified), Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified)

Size: 5.1 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (577ppi), 16M colors

Camera (Back): 16MP, 3456 x 4608 pixels, optical image stabilization, autofocus, LED flash

Camera (Front): 5MP, 1080, dual video call, Auto HDR

Video: 1440P/VP9 hardward based codecs

Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery

Colors: White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz (Galaxy S6 only) and Green Emerald (Galaxy S6 edge only)

The new Gear VR

Accessories wise, a new Gear VR was also announced for both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, and is 15 percent smaller than the Gear VR for the Note 4 with significant improvements like USB Charging. Unfortunately the original Gear VR will not be compatible for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, so as you can imagine, there was not much cheer on that note.

The showcase on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Available in five new shades;  White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz (Galaxy S6 only) and Green Emerald (Galaxy S6 edge only), the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will be available in 20 countries on April 10 2015 in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. There will also be an array of Samsung accessories to go along with it as well.

In the meantime, for more information kindly log on to Samsung's Official Site for more in depth updates on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. For remember, Next Is Now.



  1. That’s amazing I have been waiting for so long!! New Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is launching next month? I’ve heard some news from my insider friend that price gonna be RM2.5k for 128GB.It’s great!

    1. I very like the curve design on the S6 edge.
      Previous Galaxy series all with flat design. Now Samsung changed all the material of the smartphone. There is no more made of plastic. All made of glass and metals.
      With the Quad HD display ,it can let the user to have better eye experience.

  2. It’s impossible to be that low in price, expected will be nearly RM3k.Wow, both S6 and S6 Edge new characteristic and design is great!!I’m quite interested with that!!But I was wondering if the specification is good enough compare to nowadays smartphones.

  3. I understand what supporter are thinking and I believe every phone will have their supporters. I’m shocked that Samsung is bringing another experience with the design itself. I hope to know more about the phone, mind to share more on it?

  4. I had checked out the spec is good enough but the non-removable battery is troublesome. I love the phone so much but the non-removable battery is a disappointed feature of it.

  5. Why most people like to spend their money like a boss to try new stuff? Why don’t they think about every phone after using it dissatisfaction starts to pop out?

  6. Having battery problem? Come on, many people still using iphone without complaining. The battery now does have a fast charging mode where can last up to 4 hours in 10 minutes charging time. Both new smartphone also updated with Android 5.0 lolipop OS and it will be able to remove pre-installed app which makes the phone look great.

    1. Just take a look on S6 specification, it’s totally upgraded a lot compare to previous galaxy series. What I’m going to say is I’m most like the larger phone storage that can let me keep a lot of things and works and also the 3GB RAM. I’m now use all my leisure time looking forward for more information, reviews about this smartphone and I think its worth to do so.

  7. Samsung S6 looks like Iphone 6 lehhh! @@ omg i didnt actually thought they look so similar especially the charging port there!

  8. Actually S6 specification not that bad at all to what other say. Smartphone tend to have similarity but after all is to satisfy all user. My personal opinion about S6 and S6 Edge, do research about both phone before posting.

  9. Many people is saying it is similar to the iphone design, I’m not agree with that. From now iphone having IOS 8 operating system and I love it so much if want to discuss about iphone spec .It’s still the best.

  10. i feel that this Samsung design is totally different from iphone,how come so many people said both are same. For me i think iphone spec is the best. I love the apple’s new custom ISP (Image Signal Processor).It’s can capture within 1.1 seconds now.

  11. Feel satisfied with this S6, it is totally upgraded a lot compare to previous galaxy series. I always hope my phone has larger phone storage so that i can keep a lot of photos and other things.
    i also like the 3GB RAM. I’m now use all my leisure time looking forward for more information, reviews about this smartphone and I think its worth to do so.


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