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Lancôme Absolue celebrates 50 years of Golden Glow

Deborah Henry at Lancome 50th Anniversary

So yesterday Lancôme celebrated its 50th Anniversary of its Absolue Skincare Line with a new addition. Launching its new Absolue Precious Oil it was also introduced together with a special edition of Absolue L'Extrait in collaboration with French engraver and jewelry maker Arthus-Bertrand.

The launch of Lancôme Absolue Range (Picture accredited to Lancome)
The Six Golden Ladies

Decked in white and gold, the Center Court Pavilion was filled with golden displays; showcasing Lancôme's Absolue Line in the finest way possible. Emceed by none other than Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry, we were also shown on center stage on what the latest addition was all about.

The three levels of regeneration

Being the latest novelty in the Absolue range, the Absolue Precious Oil Nourishing Luminous Oil is a natural radiance primer that reveals of the Golden Glow's vital force. It consists of rose essential oil and seven precious plant or essential oils that lies at the heart of its formula.

The Absolue Precious Oil also helps to maintain its structural integrity that unveils softer, suppler, stronger and exogenous agents which unfolds a satiny finish with a delicately scented majestic Rose Hear, inspired by the Lancôme Rose.

The Lancôme Absolue Range

Formulating its first Lancôme Absolue extraordinary universal skin cream way back in 1965; this line was focused to reduce the signs of aging, plump and rejuvenate the skin to reveal its "Golden Glow." 

The Golden Glow, Beyond Radiance.

The Perfect Combination of Four Elements:

1. Luminosity: The skin's radiance is revealed and its translucency enhanced.

2. Evenness: The complexion becomes more even and uniformed.

3. Nutrition: Intense moisture and comfort, the skin becomes plumper and denser.

4. Revitalization: Day after day, the skin's surface is refined, its texture enhanced and wrinkles and fine lines fade away.

Artwork by Hazelong

Fast forward to fifty years later, the French Brand has advanced with Absolue Precious Oil which not only moisturizes the skin but also protects it from within by repairing its outer defense barriers. It has also been refined to offer three levels of regeneration to meet the needs of all women.

The Three Levels of Regeneration:

Voluptuous Regeneration and Replenishment: The Absolue Premium βx line and its Regenerating and Replenishing Care SPF 15.

Intense Regeneration and Extreme Repair: The Absolue Precious Cells line and Advanced Regenerating and Repair Care SPF15.

Ultimate Regeneration and Global Anti-Ageing Action: The Absolue L'Extrait line and its Regenerating Ultimate Elixir.

Showcasing a beautiful artwork from Hazelong, Lancôme marks its 50th Anniversary with a stunning portrait of ambassadress Julia Roberts. Presenting its latest launch; Absolue Precious Oil  in style, we are certain on the price point for the latest addition to the Lancôme family, but rest assured that once it is out; we will keep you posted here.

For further information, kindly go to Lancôme Official Facebook Page for more details.


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