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New York's Nathan's Famous Debuts In Malaysia

Nathan's Famous at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

So if you have been following my posts on Instagram, you would know that I have been teasing the space profusely with some delicious bits from a certain New York franchise. As we have it, New York's iconic frankfurter brand, Nathan's Famous has made its way to our Malaysian shores with the opening of its first outlet in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

The Outlet

The 99 year old brand known to be a long time favorite for New Yorkers actually began its journey by launching its first stand in the historic Coney Island, New York in 1916.

And as history would have it, the secret recipe that has been passed down from the grandmother of founder Nathan Handwerker, a Polish immigrant to the United States is also still being used today for making its famous frankfurters that are reputed to be among the world's best.

The extensive menu

Now not to bore everyone with a history lesson, but whipping up some reputed fame as the brand grew throughout the years, this brand has served many honored figures; such as US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Queen of England. It also became a choice favorite of US President John F. Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline Kennedy for barbecues during her husband's term at the white house.

However, apart from its signature frankfurters, Nathan's Famous is also renowned for its annual hot dog-eating contest which takes place every fourth of July at the original Nathan's Famous outlet in Coney Island. This is an early event that in latter years has become the 5th most watched telecast of the year for the ESPN network with more than 1 million views for 9 consecutive years.

So what is the highlight?

However as there is not time like the present, lets get down to the food. Breaking it down Nathan's Famous is known for their premium signature hot dog and its glorious toppings, from Chili, Chili Cheese, Cheese Mushroom, Sauteed Onion, Krispy Beef & Cheese, Philly, Salsa, Philly Cheese Steak and Chicken Supreme.

Price List For Frankfurters: 

1. Frankfurter : A'la Cart = RM9.99 ; Combo = RM15.49

2. Chili Cheese: A'la Cart = RM13.99 ; Combo = RM18.99

3. Chili: A'la Cart = RM12.49 ; Combo = RM17.49

4. Cheese Mushroom: A'la Cart = RM12.49 ; Combo = RM17.49

5. Sauteed Onion: A'la Cart = RM11.99 ; Combo = RM16.99

6. Philly: A'la Cart = RM11.99 ; Combo = RM16.99

7. Krispy Beef & Cheese: A'la Cart = RM13.99 ; Combo = RM18.99

8. Salsa: A'la Cart = RM11.99 ; Combo = RM16.99

9. Philly Cheese Steak: A'la Cart = RM18.99 ; Combo = RM22.99

10. Chicken Supreme: A'la Cart = RM16.99 ; Combo = RM20.99

Some of the dishes sampled at Nathan's Famous

However its menu does expand to high grade quality burgers which its rib eye beef and chicken not being cheap cuts, freshly squeezed lemonade and hot servings of the original thick crinkle cut fries.

Price List For Burgers, Crinkle Cut Fries and Others:

1. Cheeseburger: A'la Cart = RM14.99 ; Combo = RM19.99

2. Super Cheeseburger: A'la Cart = RM16.99 ; Combo = RM21.99

3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich: A'la Cart = RM12.99 ; Combo = RM17.99

4. Spicy Krispy Chicken Sandwich: A'la Cart = RM12.99 ; Combo = RM17.99

5. Fish Sandwich: A'la Cart = RM10.49 ; Combo = RM15.99

6. Krispy Chicken Tenders: A'la Cart = RM11.99 ; Combo = RM16.99

  • a. Quantity Servings: 3 pcs: RM11.99 ; 5 pcs: RM17.99

7. Jumbo Crinkle Cut French Fries: Regular = RM5.99 ; Large = RM7.99

8. Cheese Fries: Regular = RM7.49 ; Large = RM9.49

9. Krispy Beef Cheese Fries: Regular = RM8.99 ; Large = RM11.99

10. Chili Cheese Fries: Regular = RM8.99 ; Large = RM11.99

11. Mushroom Cheese Fries: Regular = RM7.99 ; Large = RM9.99

12. Warm Apple Pie: RM 3.88
Food Review:

Nathan's Famous Philly Cheese Steak

Now even though Nathan's Famous is well known for it's widely popular frankfurters, why not give their silent stars a try. Take this Philly Cheese Steak for example . It is basically a generous filling of sliced beef complimented with onion and capsicums, splashed with a river of melted cheese. In other words, its simply delicious morsel you have to try.

Cheese Fries

The crinkle cut fries here on the other hand are very different from the regular, salty shoe strings you get at your usual fast food joints. The fries here are thick, fluffy and well-seasoned which makes it nice and mouth-watering good. What's more is that you can add your own toppings of cheese, mushrooms and chili onto it for an added zing which is simply a great addition to any dish.

Nathan's Famous Chicken Supreme

While I feel the strength of this brand is in it's delicious beef products, this Chicken Supreme dish is also a nice palette teaser albeit still a little underwhelming compared to the star studded beef dishes. Although it is a rather healthy dish to have, there is not much going on here other than the chicken, cheese and the added dash of capsicum.  Other than that,a more extensive range on the chicken and fish dishes could be explored however, the potential is definitely there.

Nathan's Famous Cheeseburger
Look at that patty!

Moving on to the next is this tasty looking morsel which is the Classic Cheeseburger. One part beef, one part cheese and a whole load of yum. The burger patty is char-grilled to perfection, whilst the cheese holds the rest of the fillings together to give you an experience your taste buds won't soon forget.

So technically quality over quantity, everything that is being plated is made from scratch or is imported from overseas. The beef patties for instance are thick and juicy what with it being imported from Australia while all its secret spices come straight from New York. Plus with all that being said, its also great to acknowledge that its entire range of processors are also well kept up to expectations.

So what do we think of Nathan's Famous?

As for Nathan's Famous first outlet in IOI Mall, the space is pretty big and ranging from 2400 sqf, it can accommodate to quite a nice crowd. The design is pretty retro; with a classy diner concept and has artsy drawings across the walls. If you are curious about its first iconic outlet in Coney Island, you can also take a look at its varied pictures hung up against the walls. Its history to reflect on, so its quite nice that they kept the photographs for customers to look upon at the restaurant.

Service here was pretty quick which is a great factor to note for this restaurant plus what I found pretty great was that unlike typical quick service outlets, you could make your order at the counter and the food would basically be delivered to you. In other words the restaurant is in a niche of its own; with fantastic quality of a good sit in dinner, but with the convenience and efficiency of a fast food outlet.

There is definitely more plans to expand Nathan's Famous outlets at the rate of two to five new ones per year for the next five years. For besides the United States, you can also find Nathan's Famous in Kuwait, Russia, Dominican Republic, Turkey and even Afghanistan. So for more information, do head on to Nathan's Famous Official Page of Nathan's Famous Facebook Page for further updates or visit their flagship outlet in IOI Mall, Putrajaya for a delicious bite. A great place to welcome family fun, you can find Nathan's Famous at L1-13B, First Floor, IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City Putrajaya.


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