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Smoky Blue Eyes Tutorial using Makeup Geek

So the weekend is here and its time to upload another fun video. This time round; I am going to be creating a simple eye-makeup tutorial on how to achieve that perfect sky-blue smoky eyes for a fun girls night out.

Playing with some intensive colors from the Makeup Geek palette, I have taken out four glimmery tones in order to create this look; all in beautiful shades of blue, teal and gold.

One thing that I really do love about this brand is that all their shades come in pigmented forms; shimmery and matte; which also  has a buttery consistency that makes them extremely easy to blend. In addition, they also have an affordable price tag as well; $5.99 per pan which is amazing, seeing as the quality of the product received is bearing a high end mark.

However before I bore you with the details, let's begin the step by step tutorial. As there is a video above, I am pretty much sure all of you will get the gist, but just in case you would like a little more precision and detail on each step, I have also listed them down below for reference.

Step By Step Smoky Blue Eyes Tutorial

Prime Your Eyes

Step 1:  So to begin, prime your eyes with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal. Sweep a generous amount across the lid; swiping gently from the outer corners to the inner corner of your eyelids. Apply two coats to get a more stronger effect. This will keep the application of your eyeshadows intact and will reduce any forms of fall-out later on.

Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes

Step 2: Now let's focus on the inner corners of your lids. Now obviously you would like to highlight some color to enhance the shape of your eyes, so take the lightest blue; Makeup Geek in the shade of Glass Slipper and slowly apply them to the inner corners of your lids, brushing them upwards as you do so; so that it blends along naturally with your Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal.

How about the corners of the lid?

Step 3: Let's not forget the outer corners of you eyes. Take a stronger sky blue tone in Makeup Geek Poolside and work from the outer corner to the middle of your lid. This creates an ombre-like effect that will give more depth and length to your eyelids.

The Crease

Step 4: Of course to create a smoky effect on your lids, you would need to apply the darkest tone; namely Makeup Geek Nautica from the end of your lid to your crease. Create a triangle shape for better precision at the ends and blend the color gently upwards.

Wing that liner!

Step 5: We are nearly there! Draw in your winged liner with KATE Super Sharp Liner and make sure that it is highlighted thickly along the tight lines and the top of your lids.  Layer it on neatly and create a dramatic wing at the end so that it will give your lid a graceful finish that will make your eyes bigger.

Blend, blend, blend and layer on that mascara

Step 6: The key to this look is all about blending so before putting on your COVO Magnifying Mascara, take the lightest color of the four which is Makeup Geek Foiled Eye-shadow in Magic Act and highlight the brow bone.

This will give more definition to the eyebrows and as you do so, blend it towards your crease, so that it mixes with Makeup Geek Nautica which will give your whole lid a lot more depth. After that, layer on your COVO Magnifying Mascara for a brighter and fuller look.

And there you have it!

Pairing this up with a natural shade lipstick; Lakme Enrich Satins 566, your whole look is now completed. Pretty simple right? Dramatic smoky on the eyes and natural on the lips. This is a great form to don for a night out, especially if you are the type that enjoys playing with unique color palettes. In the meantime, don't forget to click subscribe to Pen My Blog's YouTube Chanel for more upcoming features and updates.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead everyone!



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