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Lux Democrats launches at Rumoda Bangsar

The Launch of Lux Democrats at Rumoda, Bangsar

Now we all know that luxury handbags come at a cost; whether it'd be ranging from RM1000 to RM5000 ++ per piece.  Give or take, people often look at brand credibility or even at times the make but overall preferences on top quality and design does come above all.

Lux Democrats features exactly that and is themed as a 'Luxury for All', that originates from the words 'Luxury' and 'Democracy'. Encouraging the public to own high quality leather pieces at an affordable price, Lux Democrats is known to feature signature luxury leather handbags that derives from the three main cities of Rome, Florence and Milan.

Founder and Curator of Lux Democrats Nur Zalikha Mohd Sabri
Lux Democrats at Rumoda, Bangsar

Opening its first showcase space in Rumoda, BangsarLux Democrats success is owed to none other than its curator and founder; Nur Zalikha Mohd Sabri. Firming believing in relating the brand back to its users, she focused hard on Lux Democrats inception and slowly worked the brand from the ground up to become one of our most local success business stories yet.
"The reason why I came up with this line of leather bags is because I wanted a brand to relate back to its users," said founder Nur Zalikha Mohd Sabri. "Besides its affordability and quality, I wanted to bring some form of luxurious image that every Malaysian designer is capable of coming out on their own and pursuing their dreams." 

Amorra, The Antigona (RM530)
Size: L33 X H26.5 X D19
Sycomore Quilted Flap (RM550)
Size: 18 X 29 X10
Amorra Collection Woven Leather Purse (RM350)
Size: 21 X 12

As for those who are wondering, all of Lux Democrats designer pieces are made from genuine Italian leather and are available in various colors. Plus after the success of its first collection Sycomore (RM500 - RM630)Lux Democrats had already opened its doors to a strong second, Amorra (RM350-RM560) and is now championing its third range which is called Ephemeris (RM500 - RM630).

With prices ranging from RM300 to RM680 nett inclusive of tax and shipping due to the type of imported leather materials,Lux Democrats also lines in perfectly with all forms of working women who are out there.

With founder Nur Zalikha of Lux Democrats

Curator and founder Nur Zalikha also has a great open door policy where buyers can also contact her directly with regards to any inquiries regarding the various collections. This can be done through whatsapp chat or email. So either way, you will know exactly what you will be receiving and have your queries answered directly from the founder herself.

Besides its physical space in Rumoda Bangsar, Lux Democrats Handbag Collections can also be found on its online platform at it Official Webpage. For immediate view, you can also take a look at their Instagram Account at @lux_democrats.


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