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Madam Kwan's Food Twist It Up Event and Corporate Menu Review

The variety at Madam Kwan's

So I thought we could kick off this beautiful Sunday evening with a lovely food review from none other than restaurant extraordinaire, Madam Kwan's.

As you might remember how last year's contest went down; a similar hands on experience was done for 2015; and a few new serves were passionately created. The best part of this whole rencounters was that the the grand prize winner would have the honor to have his/her creation be supplied permanently into the Madam Kwan's menu.

The Malaysian Satay

Now if you are not familiar with how this works, let me give you a quick brief.  Early November last year, Madam Kwan's had a "Twist it Up" contest which was basically twisting ingredients together to create a one of a kind drink. This competition was open for the public to take part in and have a creative go at their home-made specialties.

Madam Kwan's Otak Otak

Thus the four best drinks out of the crowd was picked and the Top 3 got to walk away with amazing dining vouchers from Madam Kwan's while the first prize winner had his creation permanently included in Madam Kwan's menu.

Now if you are curious as to what Madam Kwan's had previously done in their last Holiday Contest, you can always link up to the mechanics which I had listed down last year, but without further ado, let's unveil the winners for this year's 2015.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:
1st Prize Winner Wong Jun Ho, Consolation Anne Hoo, Ibrahim and Shamila Thamuthran

Highlighting that the first prize winner Wong Jun Ho, who did an amazing creation of "The Yellow Trio" which was a mix of mango, sago and vanilla ice cream; I was pleasantly surprised how the ingredients worked wonderfully with one another. It complimented each other perfectly and the texture was like a sweet creamy desert that would delight your taste-buds till no end.

The Yellow Trio by Wong Jun Ho

Keeping in mind that "The Yellow Trio" was not so sweet, there was another was a refreshing thirst quencher on the way that came along with a generous distribution of mint leaves and lychee slices. Admittedly for this drink I felt that it had been done before at Manhattan Fish Market but nonetheless it was still a good refreshment to have on the menu as well.

Otak Otak Fried Rice; from the previous grand prize winner Jennie Cheong
Petai Fried Rice

Of course listing the delicious dishes that Madam Kwan's has in stores for March; the restaurant now has a new corporate set menu to host for big lunch/dinner groups. There is a good mix of rice, seafood platings, vegetables and meat platters; which segments into four different ranges; depending on how big your party is.

The Corporate Menu at Madam Kwan's

The prices do differ among the four sets; starting at RM400++, then RM500++, moving on to RM600++ till the most extensive which is RM800++.

The pricing is actually quite affordable for let's say if you have a table of 10 and would like the assortments menu at RM800++; it would only come to about RM80++ a head; with huge portions and great variety to accompany it. Not too bad when having a dinner gathering with colleges and friends.

Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onions
Stir Fried Ming Prawns in Soya Sauce

There are many staples in their set to give a try like their Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onions and Stir Fried Ming Prawns in Soya Sauce. Both are cooked well, are extremely succulent and their generous serves are enough to feed a table to ten. Plus did I mention that there was more meat then the other garnishes around to plate up the dish? Got to love the value of money here.

Madam Kwan's Mixed Vegetables
Madam Kwan's Assam Sotong

A definite favorite which I would highly recommend to those that enjoy their seafood would be Madam Kwan's Assam Sotong. This was a fantastic dish right up to the core and its seasoning is simply spot on. Caramelized onions gives that extra omph and besides its generous plating, it also has just the right amount of spice to give it that additional edge.

The Iconic Cendol at Madam Kwan's
From Left to Right: Ice Campor and Cendol

Deserts on the other hand, are kept to Madam Kwan's iconic Ice Campor and Cendol and both are a delightful end to a rather scrumptious dinner. Icy sweetness does do the trick after all that heavy eating so once you are done, time to polish off you palette with something cool and syrupy.

So for more information on Madam Kwan's corporate menu or on their dishes, kindly head on over to their Facebook Page for further details.


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  1. How great event and corporate menu!! I loved all these food items. Truly, I am craving on this menu. Well out boss is also going to host a grand party in the next month. He has hired a popular corporate event planning firm for arrangements. I am so eager to attend this party!


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