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"Pimp My Chu Lip' Lipbalm Workshop and Contest Mechanics

Chu Lip Lipbalm

So as you have seen, Monsieur Piérre has been popping up in most of my Facebook and Instagram pictures as of late and if you are wondering, where did this cute little character come from; well you needn't look far for the answer is Chu Lip LipBalm by Metholatum.

A sensational lip balm with a cute dome design established in Japan; this mini balm caught the world by storm and launched a funky ray of colors from Pink, Red, Purple and Green.

Pimp Your Chu Lip!

With ultra moisturizing properties and easy to glide on formulation; it is quite easy to see why this product would be a hit with us girls; however try as we may, we can never resist the rounded design which makes the balm extremely appealing and so easy to cup in our hands while applying the product onto our lips.

The Scents and Colors:

1. Pink : Paris, Perfect Memories (Sweet berry scent, mixed with raspberry and peach)

2. Red : NY, Brilliant My Way (Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose)

3. Purple : Arabian, Floral Shower ( Rose, Germanium and Clove)

4. Green : Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia ( Refreshing scents of Orange, Lime and Mango)

Demonstrating the designs

Taking things up a notch to the next level comes personalization from the fans, who will be able to pimp up their Chu Lip Lipbalm to their own distinctive designs and attractive colors. The creativity basically begins here where designing your own little Chu Lip friend would be one for the taking.

The accessories to begin with
Meet Monsieur Piérre!

So beginning with the few essentials that we had; teamed up with some glue guns, we began. Creating our own little critters while infusing our own flair of personality into it was not an easy task mind you but it was definitely a fun experience personalizing the type of Chu Lip that we wanted.

The Winners of the most creative Chu Lip

As some of you might not know, Chu Lip has also organized a contest in search for the most outstanding and creative Chu Lip designs. Participants can decorate their Chu Lip in their own style and inventiveness; take a photo and upload it to Chu Lip's Official Website, If you need an example or a reference, you can check out some of the designs at the gallery which we have already done too.

What do you get out of the competition?

So you must be asking; what is the takeaway from all this? Well if creativeness is your thing, then you will be able to stand a chance to walk away with 1x brand new iPad Mini 3 or 5x sets of Chu Lip Lipbalms. So remember, in partnership with Watsons, the "Pimp My Chu Lip" competition will be ongoing from 5th of March until 31st of March 2015.

However for those of you looking to get yourself a brand new Chu Lip Lipbalm. you can also head over to any leading pharmacy or major supermarket nearby and make a purchase of it at RM25.90 each. However for more information, don't forget to head to Chulip's Official Website and their Facebook Page for further details.



  1. OMG cepatnya you update! And you Monsieur Piérre is cute okay.

    1. Haha thanks babe <3 And yes he is, I bring him everywhere with me now ^^

  2. They remind me of Eos, only cuter!

    1. haha omg they do! Except you can decorate these as well :D


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