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A Modern Classic; Alain Delon AD25

Alain Delon AD25

Oozing charm, classic elegance and having a rather masculine demeanor, this limited edition timepiece from Alain Delon is nothing short of amazing. Always having had a personal bond with my watches as it plays such an important role in my daily routine, appointments and meetings, this particular one created a graceful yet strong appeal that emerges timeless and unphased.

Exclusively created to commemorate AD Time's 25th anniversary, this modern chronograph is one of 999 pieces available worldwide and is impressively powered by a precision automatic movement that features 21 jewels, a small second subdial, anti-reflection sapphire crystal and a skeleton caseback.

A timeless piece

Shooting with Alain Delon's limited edition timepiece was admittedly a rather hefty challenge but as we enjoy creating concepts for shoots, we came up with an idea with Images by Ian and headed off to our scouted location with much anticipation.


I have always loved how photographs are able to tell us a story and looking at the timepiece, it reminded me incredibly of those stunning pieces that I have always admired that were featured on the front covers of high end fashion magazines. Just taking a look at the number 25 on the open-heart dial that pays tribute to AD Time's silver jubilee, we explored with much expectancy; and after great lengths of discussion; we felt that we needed a different feel, something grounded and authentic that would make the watch come alive in our variety of shots.

So keeping up with the action, we decided to go back to basics with this 25th Anniversary Limited Edition watch by Alain Delon, and take you back to a time where classic beauty took the world by storm. With ultra durability and fashion that is made to last, this is definitely one timeless piece that will be treasured and will always remain ageless in our hearts no matter the stage or place we are in.

A Timeless Age
Ending the day with the complete look

Outfit of the Day

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Watch: Alain Delon AD25

Accessories: Lovisa

Top: H&M (Cochella Collection)

High Waisted Shorts: Supre

Heels: Zalora (Sidewalk)

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  1. It's wonderful to hear about your experience with the watch, and I can imagine how it must have added a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style.


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