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Caudalie Boutique Spa Latest Face Mask Collection

At the Caudalie Boutique Spa at BSC

After being away from the keyboard in oh so long, I am excited to talk about French brand Caudalie; which has launched its first flagship store in Malaysia at Bangsar Shopping Center. Opening its doors earlier this year, the boutique showcases Caudalie's various skincare products; from sampling its bestsellers to having a personal experience and consultation with a Caudalie Vinotheraphist (via appointment basis).

The Set Up

Brought in by Ken's ApothecaryCaudalie's Boutique at Bangsar is inspired of the iconic Vinotheraphie Spa at Les Sources de Caudalie in France. Reminiscent of the vineyards in Bordeax; everything from the store's decor to its Barrel Beauty Bar is basically enveloped in a cosy light which as you can see centers around the Caudalie's eco-friendly philosophy.

The products
The Range

Now with that aside, lets talk products. Here we have their Caudalie's latest mask collection (from right to left); Hydrating, Glycolic Peel, Detox and Purifying. Each bottle retails at RM115 for 75ml which to me is very affordable and what is also really great about this is that you are able to mix and match two combinations of the masks in order to apply to get the best results for your skin.

So with regards to dry skin conditions; the best mixture used was the Moisturizing Mask and Glycolic Peel. This was to achieve well-hydrated and radiant skin. So basically, the application for moisture was around the face while the glycolic peel was highlighted on the cheeks. Only a thin layer is needed but you can always apply more; whether with hand or with a brush in long strokes to distribute the product evenly across the face.

Food Served

Fifteen minutes is all you need for the product to absorb well into the face and once that is done; simply take a damp cotton pad and gently remove the mask from your face. You will notice that the plumpness and the reduction of redness on your skin has been significantly improved; and your face is now left with soft and smooth with a with a lingering scent that is abundantly fresh.

Overall Thoughts

Now for all of you who are wondering; the 6% implementation of GST is absorbed by Caudaline so the prices will remain unaltered for the masks. Personal opinions of this masks when applied was that it was extremely cooling and each of its floral scent was very fresh; which at the end of the day, leaves the skin very even and radiant. Judging from the price point; the range is very affordable and the best part is that the product is available in Sephora as well; so for all of you who have that additional 10% off, you know what to do.

Caudalie Boutique Spa at BSC

Venue: Lot S127, Level 2, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Contact Number: +603 2095 0001
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10am to 10pm

I would honestly like to highlight on one particular product (Vinoperfect Tinted Moisturizer) that I found rather fascinating in the range; but I shall save that review for another day after testing it out a bit longer. Nonetheless, for more updates and info on the products, you can always head to Kens Apothecary or Caudalie's Official Website for furthest details.



  1. I love their hand creams. It smells lovely!

    1. Hi Marsya, same here :) Their latest masks are amazing; need to keep a look out for them though, they sell out pretty fast here :P


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