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Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks Review

The Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks

I have recently been having this love hate relationship with eyeshadow sticks; whether it's from the higher end brands of Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks to the more affordable range of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and their Glam Shadow Sticks.Now arguably, the price spectrum on these products are miles apart so finding something that is within mid range gives good comfort; especially ones that provides a good enough color payoff and will not burn a hole in your pocket at the end of the day.

The Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks are products that coats well onto the lids and are long lasting, however like all products they do have their pros and their cons. Not knowing that Elianto was actually a Malaysian brand; I quickly browsed through their products and brand history and found that even though this was a homegrown make; all of Elianto products are actually formulated in Korea.

The total of six colors

So with regards to the packaging, the Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick is reminiscent of Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick; which holds the product in a sleek black casing with a color coded bottom. The description shines across the bottom half of the case and the colored cap unscrews at the bottom to reveal a sharpener that will come in handy when the product gets blunt.

The Shades
A good mix of shimmers, sheens and mattes

Seeing that Korean formulated products are known for their quality, a buttery and soft texture came about during the swatch which to be honest was quite expected but what was surprising was the balance of mattes and shimmers.

It looked to me that the color selection of tones Navy and Brown had a nice distribution of glitter where else the colors Purple and  Blue held a nice clean sheen. As for the Black and the White; they were downright matte; which is nice to use as a mix; especially while buffing the colors together.

Buffing the color out

I will say this though; the blending effort on these shades does take some time getting used to and that you will get a nicer finish if you were to intermix the colors within the first 15 seconds after application before the color sets.

This realization came after a few trials because once the color settles and you try and buff it out after; there will be a stain in the middle which will be extremely hard to remove and recover. This is also because the colors that Elianto has formulated are smudge-proof; but if you would like a more stronger payoff after buffing it out, you might need the color to go over your lids more than twice.

Applying Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow in Blue
Pros: Affordable, Smudgeproof, Buttery texture, Bright, Long lasting

Cons: Limited Colors, Not very pigmented, Stains

Overall the Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks are a good collection to have in your vanity kit if you are on a budget and while one eyeshadow stick retails at RM31.90; Elianto is now currently having a promotion where if you were to purchase three, you can get them for RM69.90.

However, among all the six shades that they have, I would honestly repurchase the Blue, Navy, Brown and Black just because they came out stronger in pigmentation and formulation; unlike the white which I found to be just a little chalky. Nonetheless, the colors do not crease after long wear; and would still be packed on the lids up to four to six hours.

Available at all Elianto counters, you can find out more about Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks at their Official Website and on their Facebook Page.



  1. Eyeshadow sticks seems to be at rage lately. Can't wait to try these out! The blue looks so good on you <3


    1. Thanks Miriam dear. And I agree, eyeshadow sticks have been trending alot lately. It's the new addition to panned shadows :)

  2. Elianto have some great products with its affordable price. And the blue eye look is really gorgeous!

    1. They really do Anis :) And yes their eyeshadow in blue is amazing. It can be used as a primer to the lid as well if you would like a more intense blue :)

  3. Love the review... I cant wait to try it out too...

    1. Thanks Sarah, the shadows are really great :) Do try them out soon :)


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