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Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water Review

Dr. Jart + Dermaclear Micro Water

Trying out the Dermaclear Micro Water by Dr. Jart+ gave a rather new insight to what cleansing waters was all about. The craze about these things seem to be an all time high this 2015 which has shifted from mid range oil removers; and is said to be more gentle and easier on the skin.

Previewing it in a product line-up back in August 2014, the Dermaclear Micro Water has since launched this April 2015 and seeing that Korean skincare and beauty products have been warmly welcomed on the beauty scene; this product has also received high praise from its users.

Applying a few drops on the cotton pad

Sparking interest from the term "Micro Water", which simply means that the molecule is finer than water; it is able to cleanse off even the tiniest residue off the face and tone the skin like no other.

Nonetheless in terms of usage, it technically follows the mechanics of how you would normally use another cleanser; where you would need to take a facial cotton pad, apply three to four drops of the Dermaclear Micro Water and swipe gently over your whole face. It is a no- wash type of cleanser but you can use warm water to rinse it off if needed.

Application/ Remover Test

From Left to Right (Lipstick, Cream Eyeshadow, Panned Eyeshadow, Concealer)

Now here comes the interesting part; which is the swatch test. Applied on the back of the hand from left to right is a M.A.C Amplified Lipstick, Maybelline Gold Rush 24 Hour Color Tattoo, Makeup Geek Panned Eyeshadow and Boujois 123 CC Eye Cream. So as noted, we are going to see how the Dermaclear Micro Water is going to take to all four different formulations.

After one swipe

One swipe of the Dermaclear Micro Water was all that was needed to see the effectiveness of the product. The verdict? Well take a look below.

The Results

M.A.C Amplified Lipstick: Color removed but was left with a slight stain.
Maybelline Gold Rush 24 Hour Color Tattoo: Color was only slightly removed.
Makeup Geek Panned Eyeshadow: The shade was completely taken off in one swipe.
Boujois 123 CC Eye Cream: The texture was removed easily.

After four swipes

As the above was based on the first swipe, it was taken in turns up to four application to completely get the color off on all four of the various textures.

However as you can see for Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo; there were still remnants of glitter that remained on the back of the hand. So if you are using cream shadows with high pigmentation of glitter; be prepared to swipe the Dermaclear Micro Water over your lids several times.

Pros: Gentle on the skin, No stinging effect on the eyes, removes waterproof makeup, wonderful scent, non sticky, no need for double cleanse

Cons: Does not work very well on cream shadows or glitter pigments

The Verdict

Other than that, the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water is very soothing to the eyes and its floral fragrance is light and not too over powering. It works wonderfully with panned shadows and I really love the fact that it cleanses the face extremely well without leaving any form of stickiness or residue behind.

Introductory Price at SASA: RM75 for the entire month of May 2015.

The Dermaclear Micro Water retails at RM89 for a 250ml bottle (inclusive of GST) and is made available exclusively at Dr.Jart + kiosk at Sunway Pyramid or at any SASA stores nationwide. In the meantime, for more information on Dr. Jart+ and their products, do visit them at their Official Website or on their Facebook Page.



  1. Looks great for removing make up... :D

    1. It's definitely a great substitute to the oil ones that we have been using :) It doesn't sting the eyes as well, so that's a great plus point :D


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