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Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush Review

Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty

Growing accustom to well known makeup brush brands such as M.A.C, Real Techniques, Zoeva, Sigma Beauty and more; it definitely comes on sharp perception that when a new product launches in the market, most beauty junkies are already on full alert, waiting for the arrival of the merchandise with arms open wide.

Hence with the activation of Breena Beauty that came in early this month; its time to take a look at the main brush which has had everyone talking; the Face Luxe Brush which had taken the founder and beauty blogger Sabrina Tajuddin years to create and is described as a multi tasking brush that works well with both powder and liquid formulation products.

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

The Bristles
A Close Look

As creator Sabrina Tajuddin has mentioned; the brush creates a soft focus airbrush finish that is best used in buffing and padding motions. Upon application; the kinematics are spot on for a flawless finish, so remember girls that if you do get this brush, try not to stretch this one out across the face for streakiness might occur if not used as instructed.

Nonetheless, the Face Luxe Brush by Breena Beauty does pack in a lot of promise; what with it being made with ultra soft cruelty free synthetic bristles (Muslim Friendly) that features a dome sculpted shape which is able to distribute powdered formulation (pressed, loose, mineral,etc) incredibly smooth all over the face.

Application of the Luxe Face Brush

Testing it out on Make Up For Ever HD Powder

So of course before hailing praise; a swatch test. Upon dabbing it into the loose Make Up For Ever HD Powder; it was noted that the brush picked up an impressive amount of product on the top bristles and after application, there was basically near to nothing of the product left on the Luxe Face Brush.

The Pick Up o the Product
After Application - No product/wastage left on the brush

This is an splendid feat and although its description does state that it works with both powder and liquid formulations, it would be preferable to use it on powdered ones; just because it gives the face a more flawless and smoother finish. The distribution of product is very even; and this is strongly meritable to the Breena Beauty's Luxe Face Brush dome shape physique.

The Handle

As for the handle; white and gold is what makes this brush extremely luxurious and while this might cause worry to some who are concerned with dusty corners; the white woodwork can be easily cleaned and wiped well away from dirt. With gold engravings on the font name Breena and the brush description; the imprint also ceases worry of the signature being plainly rubbed away after many uses.

Overall thoughts

The price point for this brush is great as well and retailing at RM45, it definitely comes at a steal which even surpasses the makeup brushes sold at Sephora for hefty sums of RM85 and above. Considering that the Luxe Face Brush can be used for variable amount of purposes; it's definitely a valuable addition to any beauty vanity.

So if you are looking for a makeup brush for yourself or even as a gift for a friend; take a look at Breena Beauty. You can find it online at Breena Beauty's Official Website. There is an introductory price going on at the moment where you can get the brush at a price point of RM39 instead of RM45, so do not hesitate to have a look and grab it while its still in stock. In the meantime, for more updates on the brush and upcoming products, do stay tune to Breena Beauty's Facebook Page.


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