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Celebrating Mother's Day with The Body Shop Malaysia

Treat Mum Like a Queen this Mother's Day with The Body Shop

As Mother's Day approaches, I am pretty certain that some of you are already racking your brains on what to get for your mother on this special occasion. Flowers; check. Breakfast in bed; check. Now what else? New clothes, chocolates; maybe even a fancy dinner out with the family? Yeap, that might work.

Now with all that planning; sometimes we tend to forget that our mothers need leisure time to themselves; so with that in mind, what better way to show them our appreciation other than whisking them off for a pampering day out with a beloved brand that we have all grown up with?

The Body Shop Products

From hand massages, mini makeovers and eye treatments, The Body Shop gave all mothers a wonderful treat, and in a typical British Fashion, we were also served high tea and a great selection of food.

At the #TreatYourMumLikeAQueen Pampering Session with The Body Shop

However, while we all know what The Body Shop is about; from their great line of skincare and bath products to their fantastic fragrances; I find that there is simply not enough emphasis when it comes to their holiday products and their special occasions gift-sets. I have no idea why this is but I honestly feel that there should be as their gift-sets come in a great variety and is at a very affordable price point.

So setting the marker right; let's dive in and see what we have in store for Mother's Day when it comes to The Body Shop.

The Gift Sets
What would you like to get for your mum?

As you can see, there are many varieties all sorted from the different ranges and scents. Estimated price is about RM50 to RM200 and in each individual set; you can choose the sorts to your liking; either from their full sized or travel sized products. Oh and did I mention that their gift-set packaging is simply adorable?

Speaking of which; the Vitamin E range has also undergone a little limited edition makeover in conjunction with Mother's Day and also includes a new product called the Vitamin E Eyes Cube; retailing at RM79. Updated with an abstract Union Jack design in pink and blue; the idea behind this is to treat your mother like a queen for Mother's Day which I thought was rather sweet.

A day out with mum

So, it's time to take your mum out for a little pampering this Mother's Day and with all the amazing fragrances and scents going on at The Body Shop; I am certain that you will find the perfect gift for your mum over there without the need of looking too far.

In the meantime, I have also included a little snippet for you to watch above for enjoyment and if you would like to know more on the products, you can go to The Body Shop Malaysia's Official Facebook Page or Website. They also included some pretty amazing deals inside, so don't forget to check them out.



  1. I like body shop bath products, it smells good :)

    1. Hi Anis, yeap I am with you on this one, it definitely has a wonderful fragrance :)


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