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Giveaway Announcement

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Celebrating Maybelline's 100 Year Anniversary


At Maybelline 100th Anniversary

Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, Maybelline New York took to the stage to showcase 10 of their iconic looks that were worn by women throughout the 10 decades. Recreated by the one and only celebrity makeup artist Stevensunny, the event was held at Mid Valley Megamall and beckoned celebrities, personalities and fans from far and wide.

Taking each look to a whole new level - 1920's Fierce Flapper Look
The Hair and Makeup Trends

The models took the runway with various styles of makeup and hair trends that were fashioned during each decade and paraded down with fashionable pieces from Zalora showcasing each different style with a unique flair; whether it was strong lined eyes, their smoldering classic looks and the signature bright red lips.

The 10 Iconic Looks

As you can see from the looks created by Stevensunny, Maybelline has come a long way in the makeup industry; something that started out as a small family-owned business and has transcended to the Number One global color cosmetic brand known to every woman; it is a definitely a hug milestone that has been achieved.

With the amazing Stevensunny

So a hearty congratulations to Maybelline for achieving this amazing mark and celebrating their 100th Anniversary, for here is to many more and fantastic endeavors ahead. To find out more about the looks and more pictures, do follow Maybelline at their Official Facebook Page for more details.



  1. Wow, kewl! They didn't have that costume in here. The bday party huge too.

    1. They had 10 altogether Elnienesia :) The party was pretty big; the crowd was very enthusiastic as well :)


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