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Giveaway Announcement

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Clozette Malaysia K-Party


With Clozette Co-Founder and Creative Director; Kersie Koh

It has definitely been some time since we caught up with our Clozette family; and while we have definitely missed meeting up with our fellow ambassadors and clozetters, our Asia's Top Fashion and Beauty social network decided to bring the meetup to us by throwing a wonderful K-Party in conjunction with Mother's Day.

At Clozette's K-Party

Having this run in both the Singapore and Philippines, the Clozette team partnered up with Estee Lauder, Modalu England, Amante Nail Spa and Body Care, DrNano and Blackmores for the get together in Malaysia and was soon set up to take place at the one and only Ode Art Cafe.

Going through the skincare and makeup routine
Makeup anyone?

After a few welcome speeches from the Clozette team, there was also a little makeover routine that was conducted for us by Estee Lauder which was found to be rather insightful; especially when maintaining a good skincare and makeup routine. Refreshments were served by Ode Cafe and as there was plenty of catching up and picture taking to do, the vibe went on rather vibrantly as well.

Group Shot

A lucky draw was conducted by the end of it from the sponsors and after a few rounds of good food and great company, happy faces were seen from all around.

It was one of the most delightful evenings that was well spent and along with it; meeting up with everyone from the network made it even more enjoyable. For more on what went down during the event; you can check out this video below that was published by the Clozette team.


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