DocLab's Korea Face Ampoules Review

Applying DocLab Korea Face Ampoules

Sometimes while travelling, your skin is exposed to different conditions and hence the reaction that it gets often varies from country to country. Now as you all know, I have been struggling with dry skin textures and an extra boost is always needed whenever my skin is stripped for moisture.

So bringing in with me to Japan is a new product called DocLab's Face Ampoules which  is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid which is formulated in Korea. This new product introduction is said to nourish the skin's dermal layers, reboots hydration and diminishes fine lines to smoothen and tighten our skin.

Are The Claims True?

Ah right there is the big question. Well as mentioned earlier, the formulation of the product is done in the heart of Korea so in terms of how promising it is going to be, chances are they are going to be particularly high.

Nonetheless, this is not just on the basis of the formulation's make but also on the fact that Korea is a place where the approval of beauty products are pretty high. So in my books, there is a sense of credibility and expectation that plays a role there as well. However as we do not want to simply jump in with this conclusion, we are going to take a closer look into it and find out what it is all about.

How does it work?

A Closer Look

Well for starters, this DocLab's Face Ampoules set comes in a box of 5; holding 2ml (0.06FL.oz) in each bottle. In every one of them are the main ingredients of ginseng and collagen extract which restores the skin's suppleness, elasticity and retexturization. It is also free from alcohol, animal ingredients and paraben.

How To
Applying Pressure to the middle to break it backwards

In terms of how the product works, is that first you would need to master the art of taking out the formulation. Each ampoule comes in a glass like casing which you would need to break open to take out the product.

This method stresses on pressure, so the best way to do it is to take a cotton cloth, place it around your ampoule, hold the bottom and apply pressure on the center of it and break it backwards. Kindly note that the cloth has to cover at both ends.

Taking the product out

The reason as to why you would need to do this is because DocLab's Face Ampoule is highly concentrated and once exposed to its surroundings, can become ineffective very quickly. So once you are done, let the liquid grace the palm of your hand, put both hands together and massage it into your face in an upward motion. Leave it on overnight, and check the results the next day.

The Verdict

Overall Results

Alright here is what I can honestly say about the product. The casing is not a preferred favorite as you would need practice to open up the bottle, however in terms of formulation, it is SPOT ON. My skin was peeling the previous day before trying it out and once it was applied, I noticed the formulation absorbed very quickly into the skin without a hint of stickiness left as residue.


The very next day, the skin was left supple and smooth and in terms of dryness and peeling, all of it was gone. Overall I am very pleased with the results as it does work to its claims, so a huge thumbs up to the brand for that.

In the meantime, if you guys are planning to try this out, you can get it at DocLab's Official Website at RM138 per box (now going for RM98) but for further details on their products, you can visit DocLab's Facebook Page as well.



  1. nice review. Excited to try out the product myself.

    1. You should definitely give it a go dear. Hopefully you will be amazed by the results as I was :)

  2. Does it help with eyebags and uneven skin though? I've been getting spots here and there, plus super horrible eyebags so I am looking for fixes.

  3. reasonable price . important it's really effective.

  4. I have finished the whole pack of mine already ;)quite good especially for dry skin like mine

  5. suit any skin type? Any positive result after several type consume?

  6. look like a good product and worth to try. nice skin dear!

  7. Wow.. I admire your finger nails design.. hehe I would like to try the product too

  8. What I don't like about all these kinda serums is the oiliness that sticks to the hands after applying.

  9. My skin sometimes very dry too. Maybe I should try this on to have a smooth skin.

  10. Your post reminded me of the TWO boxes of ampules that I bought some time back. I wonder if they have expiry date???

  11. Nice review. The casing is so cute. :D


  12. I think my skin is very much in need of pamper!
    Working in different environment has brought damage to the skin

  13. Good to have nice manicure when demonstrating your beauty product! I love your totoro! Never try this product before. Hope to try it someday. :)

  14. Nice review. Perhaps should give a try

  15. Look nice dear, easy to use as well. Hope can see BEFORE and AFTER :P

  16. seems easy to use for a beauty skin though : ) I like your manicure : ) very nice!
    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  17. This is a nice review! Is it have special for any skin type?

  18. I love it too :D On the process of reviewing! Nice to read your thought on it also ;D

  19. Yeah I hate opening those ampoules! I'm really scared I'll cut my hand or break glass into the container

  20. Any before & after pics babe? :) and is it suitable for sensitive skin type?

  21. hey pretty lady. Now for me, I cannot really differentiate from one product to another, unless of course I really try them. Your reviews serve as a good guide to start

  22. what a lovely nails you have!
    Hmm.. a little uneconomical cuz you break it and cannot use the bottle. But if it's for travel part, I think that's ok!

  23. Been hearing so much about this recently, would like to try it out too :)

  24. i used to use ampoules and they do really work wonders, after a short time already can see the difference, right?

  25. I love your nail art! Anyway, I prolly need this as I need some peeling product to exfoliate my skin subtly, but something that will not give me an awful peeling effect.

  26. Ampules are so easy to bring around in their little bottles. I've personally never tried it before but I would really like to give it a go! :D


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