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Bring on the bling with Benefit Cosmetics & Jared Bailey

At the Benefit Brunch

With Deepavali and Christmas just around the corner, one calls into question on what sort of stunning outfits and accessories you are going to be decked with on those special days. Nails, makeup and hair has to be on point because you will be going around visiting your loved ones plus looking your best during these stunning festivities is; as one might say it, not by choice but by necessity.

On doing brunch with Jared Bailey

That little surprise in Uber

So last week we sat down with Jared Bailey, who is Benefit Cosmetics International Spokesperson, Global Services who flew down all the way from San Francisco. Speaking about all things brows, we went through the various topics of shaping, tinting, definition, feathering and more to gather more insight on the matter. The session on the other hand was kept intimate with a hearty brunch, a beautiful set up and great company.

With Jared Bailey

Now speaking about all things brows, is that they are the focal point of your face. Even as we spoke to Jared about it, it was noted that at the end of the day, everything from the chin up would be drawn up and lifted towards it. It was like an unspoken gravitational force that you will be unable to resist.

The decor
On the set up

However, given that this statement is a undeniable fact, it is noted that every given shape that is being done does indeed defines each person's features to its fullest. I only came to know about that little detail when I was in my teens and believe me that since that discovery, I have never looked back.

Nonetheless, I do think that the more definition you give your brows in the long run, you will come to realize on how much more on point you will get in terms of sculpting and perfecting the ultimate shape; regardless on whether it would be in terms of your brows or your face. Practice does make perfect and after all, learning more about it is always the best bit.

The Bling Brows

Jared explaining the concept behind the Bling Brows

Now let's move on to some razzle dazzle. If you guys remembered the last we spoke about the Bling Brows (read here) during the last holiday season, you would know that this beautiful Swarovski crystal embellishments are meant to turn heads and make a fashionable statement for your brows.

On the unveil

So for this holiday festivities for 2015, the Bling Brow has made a comeback, and after much demand; this time around, Benefit Cosmetics has decided to set it in every Benefit Boutique and BrowBar Beauty Lounge between November 1st 2015 till January 1st 2016.

Benefit Cosmetics National Brow Artist Rileen Chua on the three steps to shaping brows

So if you are planning on going for the service, you can make a request on this while doing up your brows at the Benefit Counters. These services will be available in 4 Beyond Belief Shades, so depending on what you are opting to wear, you can always choose between Beyond Black, Beyond Purple, Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown.

Group Shot

However this service is not only limited to the Benefit Counters, for now there will also be Limited Edition sets up for grabs as well and retailing at RM70 each. Of course for further details, you can always head on over to Benefit's Facebook Page or Official Website for more info.

In the meantime, it was an absolute pleasure to head on over with the team to discover the highlights on doing brows. It was insightful and definitely one to keep in mind in the long run. Overall, it would be an experience that one would never forget.



  1. Wow! Lovely cosmetics.. Yet to try it out though!~

  2. Share the pic please.
    Want to see the end result of the brow.

  3. fall in love with ur warm smile ^^

  4. Wow so nice to be chauffeured by uber and attend the event! :) will check out the store for their limited edition set

  5. sweet event. isk isk until now i can't even draw or shape my eye brow properly.

  6. i like Benefit too! their limited edition set seem like so valuable . will check it later!!

  7. Pretty decors! And everybody in the last picture seemed to have really enjoyed the event :)

  8. Looks like it was fun party and I like their Brow waxing services.

  9. Pretty beautiful people all together... I use to adore Benefit cosmetics... now I am more for Korean and Japanese... time to check them out again....

  10. Limited Edition set only at RM70 ? Looks tempting and since got promotion now, I should get a set for myself.

  11. Wow, great workshop dear, you all enjoyed it a lot! BTW can I have all of the Benefit products? Look so tempting to try it out! :P

  12. I always like their brow service!! Although I never try their brow service, I know is the best brow service in town. I admit I still not good in drawing brow XD

  13. Our eyebrow also effect our look. My eyebrow a bit messy but every month I will go to saloon to trim. Should give a try Benefit, eye brow service.

  14. Great event! Glad you enjoyed yourself, I heard about the BenefitxUber surprise haha Hope that I can attend those events in future :)

  15. now he's one very good looking guy ! :) I'm beginning to like looking at guys like him :P

  16. amazing, i need some of that love on my brows, messy messy brows
    did you appear on TV? i thought i saw you in an ad.


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