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Discovering Beauty Secrets with Natural By Watsons

Getting to know the reintroduction of Natural by Watsons

So the relaunch of Naturals by Watsons was held at the scenic KL bird park last week and going through all five ranges of Olive, Argan Oil, Blood Orange, Prestige Rose and Marula Oil, the reintroduction for this second edition was warmly welcomed as positive responds on the products range were already flooding in.

Hosted by five well known personalities

The collaboration of the launch was done with Malaysia's well known personalities including Malaysia's award winning actress, Deanna Yusoff, leading TV hosts Reem Shahwa, Mark O'Dea, Michelle Lee and celebrity entrepreneur Luke Loke. However with all that details aside, let's take a look at some of the highlights and see what this re-introduction with Naturals by Watsons have to offer.

Naturals by Watsons Highlights

Marula Oil Collection

First up, the Marula Oil Collection from Africa made with African Mafura butter. The packaging for this range is rather quaint and whilst its formulation is rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, it also has anti-aging properties that thoroughly moisturizes and softens both your crowning glory and body as well.

It improves skin elasticity in the long run and overall the results give long-lasting hydration and protection.

Marula Oil Product Range and Price:

1. Cream Bath (490ml) : RM19.90
2. Body Lotion (490ml): RM24.90
3. Body Scrub (200g): RM20.90
4. Hand Cream (60ml): RM13.90
5. Shampoo (490ml): RM22.90
6. Conditioner (490ml): RM22.90
7. Hair Mask (200g): RM24.90
8. Hair Serum (100ml): RM22.90

The Italian Olive Oil Range

Now we are not going to be expanding much on the Blood Orange range as this collection is ideal for boosting brightening capabilities up to 50 times with Vitamin C, but with regards to the Italian Olive Oil Range however we focus on the essentials of Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin C for that extra moisturizing upgrade to hydrate and protect your hair and skin naturally. This range can be used daily to gently cleanse to result in smoother and softer skin.

Italian Olive Oil Product Range and Price:

1. Cream Bath (490ml) : RM17.90
2. Body Lotion (490ml): RM22.90
3. Body Scrub (200g): RM18.90
4. Hand Cream (60ml): RM11.90
5. Shampoo (490ml): RM21.90
6. Conditioner (490ml): RM21.90
7. Hair Mask (200g): RM23.90
8. Hair Serum (100ml): RM21.90

Prestige Rose Range

Now let's touch on something light and floral so let's go into our final highlight which is the Prestige Rose. Made with certified organic rosewater, this formulation combines Bulgarian roses for ultra-rich nourishing, French roses for softening as well as rare Moroccan roses to balance you skin's moisture. This is a collection that does not dry or irritate the skin, is free from harmful ingredients and leaves a delicate uplifting fragrance in the most simple and natural way.

Prestige Rose Product Range and Price:

1. Cream Bath (490ml) : RM19.90
2. Body Lotion (490ml): RM24.90
3. Body Scrub (200g): RM20.90
4. Hand Cream (60ml): RM13.90

What do we think?

Overall the ranges above that were highlighted were good and though most of them were focused towards moisturizing capabilities, the scents and fragrances for each of these were lovely, depending entirely on preferences of course.

Nonetheless, for more details on Natural by Watsons and its five product range, you can always visit their Official Website for further information. In the meantime, the products have already been made available at all Watsons stores nationwide.



  1. first time hearing about marula oil, surely it smells great too right? i love natural bath and body products :)

  2. I've used the olive oil range before and they smell pretty good! I do hope they have refill bags though. I don't like having to throw so many bottles as I go through my shower products fast

  3. The Prestige Rose range looks nice and the pricing also reasonable.

  4. I love the naturals series too... I have them in my bathroom as well as use them from time to time as I have a few assortment of bodycare , facial wash and shampoo to use depending on my mood.. LOL

  5. opps I suppose to go but forgot about about it. was a busy week for me as trying to settle son's new tuition place. Glad to read the beauty product from here. :D

  6. Whoa! They are all reasonably priced! I've never try them out yet, but that Argan oil range is quite tempting! :D

  7. Nature product, with reasonable price! Great relauching!~

  8. this is quite a nice range and now they have more choices, i always love shopping for watsons brand products.

  9. watsons are collaborating and bringing in so many good products. love it

  10. This was a great and fun event. Glad we are a part of this! Love the products too!

  11. I love the bath lotion. Looks affordable too.


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