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Winter Holiday Look 2015 | Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani

Winter Holiday Look for 2015

Since it is the festive month, I thought it would be really great to put up something a little bit different from what was previously done before. Plus since it is nearing Christmas, I wanted to experiment with more blue hues; so hence with the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette in hand, it was decided to go with a simple Winter Holiday Look for 2015.

Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani

On the palette

Now obviously this is not going to be a tutorial or a complete focus on swatches but I am going to be showing you what you can achieve with this palette. There was a lot hype on this before its launch and after experimenting with the shades for a few days, I can completely understand why.

You see, if you are the type of person who enjoys subtlety but yet would like a few bright colors for variety in a palette, then this would be it. It's small in size, completely compact and retails for RM235 inclusive of GST. Now there are only 100 palettes available at KLCC and I am not sure on when Sephora will be launching their own units, but I am pretty sure that once this palette is made available, it will be sold out in a matter of days.

On the shades
A closer look at the formulation

However taking things to a more technical turn such as textures, there is a good mix of matte and shimmer consistencies. The palette has got a few great transitional colors as well, so for all of you who would like to have a good cut crease, then this would be fantastic to have around with you at all times.

On the Look

Application and shades

Now for this look above, there were only three colors in the palette that were used to achieve it. It is very simple, straight to the point and there is absolutely no hassle in getting the colors to blend together smoothly as you can see from its results.

I will give you guys hint though. In order to grab more pigment from these shadows, its best to go in with a M.A.C Fix + and spray it all over your eyeshadow brush of choice. I used a variety of four here to create this look which was the Sigma E21, E36, E46 and E47.

The colors used

So as you guys know that I am more of a bright pigments and shocking hues kind of girl, it was decided to go of with three shimmer shades out of the lot, which before applying on the lid was of course first primed with the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.

Results up Close

Honestly there wasn't really much difficulty to get the colors to gel together and I was really taken with how easy these shades were to blend. I should think that even without the M.A.C Fix +, you would get a decent amount of pigment but if you are going for something a little more foiled and slightly stronger, you can still have the option to use that as an alternative as well.

Overall Look

As for the lips (which I am certain you guys are curious about) I decided to go for Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blue Velvet which is a beautiful navy blue that surprisingly complimented the eye look really well. I was actually opting in between nude and bright red but since I wanted something a little more unique, this was actually the perfect choice to make the whole look come together beautifully.

Snapchat @shivanibalraj

Now with regards to the palette, I honestly think that it is stunning. The shades and formulation was well thought out and seeing as to how compact and sturdy the packaging is, it makes a great companion for travel in any make up kit.

However for more details, you guys can head over to Urban Decay's Official Facebook Page but in the meantime, if you guys have any questions, you can always ask me on Snapchat at @shivanibalraj .



  1. babe the velvet blue lippie looks great on you!! i wouldn't dare to try out such bold shade, but yeah the eyeshadow combination is perfect for this festive season

  2. the colour is very strong but it suits you. great combo

  3. i really love the gold eyes shadow. really a good party look

  4. Your festive make up looks great! Very outstanding in the coming Xmas and NYE celebration. :)

  5. So many people raving about this palette, I love the the Harajuku and Serious. Your makeup is superb la beb.

  6. I love that blue lipstick weii, very well pigmented and does not make your lips look dry despite it being matte

  7. wow... blue lipstick??? But seriously, I must admit it looks amazing on you.. however I am not sure I dare walk out like this on normal days.. maybe on days there is a fancy dressed party or so...

  8. Wow you look so bold with the makeup. Love it!

  9. I've never know that blue lips can be so darling!

  10. omg that lipstick! so bold, yet so nice. haha. great look dear :)

  11. Wow I love the pretty shades! And I love what you did with your eyes! You are such an expert!

  12. Hey shivs! You caught my attention when i saw your make up. Looking absolutely stunning! I also love the shades! So pwetty!

  13. Love love love so much your eye makeup, wish I'm as talented as you :)

  14. not a common colour for a lipstick, but oh so fashionable.

    fashionista alert!

  15. I like your new look here! So unique & pretty! The make up really bring out a different personalities of you :) Pretty! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. I wish one day..
    I will know how to put make up on my face
    Good job girl


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