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Endless Jewelry Launches in Malaysia

At Endless Jewelry

The beauty of accessories is truly an amazing thing and if you are the type who enjoys accentuating subtle yet elegant accents around the nape of your neck or on your delicate wrists, then Endless Jewelry is the one for you.

 "Whatever you dress up or down, you can match the style with whatever you're wearing and have fun with it." Jennifer Lopez

Having debuting it's launch yesterday in Malaysia, this colorful Danish fashion jewelry brand was born out of the idea to offer fine jewelry at affordable prices, making designer jewelry attainable for a wide customer group. However how the idea came about was through Danish entrepreneur, Jesper Nielsen who then featured a vast array of high quality bracelets to suit every lifestyle, attitude, demand and occasion.

Knowing the Brand

On the range

The feature of this brand focuses around distinguished charms, and that is something that holds a very special place in a girl's heart. Now even though there is a beautiful display for necklaces, it is the high quality leather wrap bracelets that come into focus with 25 colors and with more than 600 charms to match any outfit at any given day.

Anyone feeling Christmas with this?

Of course seeing that Christmas is now near, there is a lot of us that tends to gravitate towards its pastel shades, which holds innate handmade charms in sterling silver, and some even with the option of 18K Gold Plated and 18K Rose Gold Plated, depending on the preference of course.

The Make of Endless Jewelry

The bracelet collection
The charms

However seeing as the founder Jesper, who has a long history in the jewelry business was inspired to create Endless Jewelry, the make of of this brand remains focused on the color and customization of the product to give its broad appeal. There is also a secret that lies within the range of its leather wrap bracelets as well but no worries on that, for we will unveil and speak on its feature later on below.

The J.Lo Collection by Endless Jewelry

On the J.Lo Collection

Now as we all are aware of, a lot of people were looking forward to this collection and as the brand featured megastar Jennifer Lopez is its brand ambassador, it was yet another great pleasant surprise that she also played a huge role as the collection's co-designer as well.

On the design

Now as this particular selection of jewelry is an award winning one, we are thrilled to have it be available in Malaysia and of course with its glamorous, edgy and trendy designs inspired and constructed by Jennifer Lopez, you can be assured that each piece invented is simply ultra-fabulous.

On the collection's charms
Matte golds and embellishments

Nonetheless in terms of variety this collection, the range consists of 7 bracelet colors and more than 100 charms with each and every element designed and approved by the brand ambassador Jennifer Lopez herself. As we can see from above, each charm detail is meticulously done and with gold being the statement here; we have varied choices of matte, a little bling and trademark handles to go around with.

One of the key bracelets in the collection
The signature charm

Of course for this, there is indeed a trade secret in which Endless Jewelry does comply with. As mentioned before, the focus of this brand is on it's high quality leather bracelets so hence to compliment all the delicate charms that go along with it, the leather bracelets chosen can actually be combined to create the desired effect that you would want; be it ombre, elegant or even dark.

Special Features: Linking Bracelets
A Closer Look

This makes the whole concept quite lovely actually and if you are ever in need of a quick match up, you can always switch in between bracelets to suit to your current style or mood of the day.

Nonetheless, this endless uniqueness can be done to fit a variety of charms and thus to have it done in single, double or triple wrap styles, there is also more than 600 unique charms in sterling silver plated with rhodium, gold plated or rose gold plated up for choice. Technically the options are endless and thus women can truly show off their own style by choosing, creating and combining a design that is truly her own.

One of the newer collections
On other ranges

So with endless styles and combinations, one must wonder on what exactly is the price range for these bracelets. Now as  the focus is on affordability here , each bracelet is priced from RM299 onwards while the charms are priced from RM199 onwards. However as always, we have worked out a lovely 15% rebate on all Endless Jewelry normal priced items which will be stated for you below.

15% Discount on all Endless Jewelry normal priced items

1. Screen Shot this redemption code : 'EJ SHIVANI'
2. Present the promo cod (via mobile phone) at Endless counter upon redemption
3. Redemption Period: 15 December 2015 to 29 February 2016.

As for the location for Endless Jewelry, the boutique is located on LG Concourse, Sunway Pyramid and is open daily from 10am to 10pm. In the meantime, more information can be found on their Official Website and Facebook Page for further details.



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