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Cathy Doll Launches in Malaysia | Geisha Series

The Launch of Cathy Doll

So we have all come to know Cathy Doll from our online experiences on their virtual space and now with it's official brand launch on its range that has recently been brought into the Malaysian market, we can expect many different beauty and cosmetic products ranging from facial, body, makeup, perfume and more; all made easily affordable and accessible to Malaysian fans.

What is Cathy Doll?

Getting to know the brand

For those of you who are a little unsure on what Cathy Doll is all about, this is a Thai based Korean inspired beauty brand that is very popular in Thailand but in terms its availability in Malaysia, you can only find them at their Official Website or online stores.

One of the more highlighted products of the range however was their L-Gluthathione Magic Cream (Whitening) which did very well in the local scene; however in terms of Malaysia, the Cathy Doll Snow White Night Serum Cream was definitely the much better preference on the scale.

What's New?

The Geisha Series
On the range

Now seeing as the year 2016 is approaching in just a matter of days, Cathy Doll has released a new Geisha Series that is compliant to this coming Spring/Summer 2016.

The brand has many variants ranging from Lip Matte Creams, Eye Color Mousse and more, but for now we are not going to break them down too much until we have a full go at their range. So for this time around, a little light overview below would do.

First Impressions on the highlights for Cathy Doll's Geisha Series:

1. Cathy Doll Iroka Eye Color Mousse: Light and shimmery but it does have a lot of glitter fall out.

2. Cathy Doll Hanazakari Lip Matte: Beautifully pigmented but the consistency and formulation varies depending on the shade chosen.

3. Cathy Doll Monteru Gel Liner Pot: Great shades and pigments but it does take time to set or else it may smudge.

4. Cathy Doll Geisha Powder Pacts: Great setting powders; very fine and settles in well without caking.

Cathy Doll Currents | Best Sellers

On their currents

Hearing a lot of things about Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream, we gave this a go on the skin to see how the texture would pan out on dry skin. It was at least three shades lighter than expected but after wearing it out for more than six hours; surprisingly enough the coverage was still pretty good and dewy.

Trying out the products

However there is down side. The very next day there were breakouts on the skin and they were not subtle ones. This may be due that the Ohsen Mineral formula within that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin; so it might have been that there was too much access; hence an oversight of too much oil for the skin to bear. So while its wear during the day before was great; you might want to take a second look for the after effects.

The Splash Essence Range
The Skincare Range

Overall the view of the brand is not bad but it does take some time getting used to if you are not into the whole whitening aspect of it. In terms of skincare, we are a little hesitant to expand on it too much due to the reasoning above but with regards to the cosmetic part of it; it falls to the mediocre category with an affordable price point.

So with its distributor, Karmarts bringing in the brand in for us, Cathy Doll is now available at leading Guardians nationwide. For further details, you can always check on their Official Facebook Page for more updated information.



  1. looks like nice range to try, don't know of this brand until I read here. You sure know lots of beauty products.

  2. In Guardian pharmacy, you say?? Ok.. gonna head there and check it out... heard about this but never quite seen it yet... LOL

  3. love the color mousse. but for lip matte, i love the color, but after apply for few hours, my lips become too dry.

  4. great story and good to know they launched in malaysia.

  5. wanna see pretty things, then come to your blog. :D..

    love the bright pastel colours.

  6. oh my, cathy doll looks so cute especially the splash essence range! thais are doing things like koreans now eh

  7. Wow! Havent heard of this brand before... but love the range will check this out!

  8. Packaging is really cute though guess this will attract girly young girls

  9. I love the Geisha collection too, the colors and packaging are so pretty.

  10. So cute and colourful. Lovely and nice. Like it!


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