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Catrice Autumn/Winter 2015

At the launch

With Catrice being in Malaysia for one full year,  we grown to love the brand and seeing that there has been rave reviews on their products both internationally and locally, we now come together to look at their latest Autumn / Winter 2015 Collections which was all out in full display this afternoon.

What is Catrice?

Brand Manager for Catrice Sean Conal

Simply put, this brand is from Europe and is inspired by global trends in the fashion capitals of the world. It has a large selection of colors and has beautiful shades in both vibrant and neutral and it is definitely more of an affordable line as compared to the more premier high end ones but what is really great about this brand is that the quality of these products are wonderful and are cruelty free.

Launching their Facebook Page

In terms of Catrice Malaysia, they have finally made their debut on social media, so if you haven't given them a like, kindly do so on their Facebook Page which will be linked [here]. You will find all sorts of updates, promotions and more so to be kept in the loop this Christmas season, do go hit that like button.

Fashion Showcase by Cheryll from Roots Boutique inspired by Kaviar Gauche

The Fashion Showcase

So with regards to this fashion showcase, Catrice had teamed up with Cheryll from Roots Boutique who drew inspiration from bridal house Kaviar Gauche. The fashion runway donned models with full fashion and bridal makeup from the celebrated collaboration with Catrice. Thus with the vision of quality, functionality and price in place, Cheryll focused on shape, cut and style which also exhibited beautifully on the runway.

This inspiration was due to Catrice's previous successful collaboration with Kaviar Gauche at the Berlin Fashion Week at the beginning of the year, thus mutually developing the makeup line called Limited Edition 'Kaviar Gauche for CATRICE' for this Autumn/Winter 2015.

Feminine Prints
The Bridal Collection

So for those of you who are fans of modern and feminine styles, this makeup line would be right up your alley. Soft and subtle with light, avant-garde looks and modern romanticism, Catrice has a total mix of six eyeshadows, two contouring powders and a white eyeliner for this range. It is also packaged with a range of floral laced designs, turning all of the products into a bridal beauty must have this season.

New Launches (Autumn/Winter 2015)

The Autumn and Winter 2015 Highlights

So before we speak on the limited editions, let's talk about what is in the permanent collection first. This is the Autumn / Winter 2015 Assortments so with this in mind, lets delve in.

Now we are not going to go too deep into specifics but let's do an overview of the makeup line and its highlights. So to start of with, the range has 27 new products. That by itself is overwhelming, yes but to really focus on the gems of this collection, we are going to highlight three.

The Chocolate Nude Palette

Now for this trend, chocolate is the new black and soft and subtle shades are on the rise to fame, so the first one up is the Catrice Absolute Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. This palette consists of six shades, are absolutely beautiful and is very travel friendly. Plus it retails for RM26.90 so its pretty much a bang for your buck.

The Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder

Next up, the Catrice Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder. This one here is really beautiful and contains valuable minerals and light reflecting pigments for a sun-kissed complexion. Swatching it on, it provides a soft matte finish and is really great for Summer. This product only comes in one shade and retails at RM24.90.

The Multi Matte Blush

Now since we seem to be working in mattes here, lets give our last highlight to the Catrice Multi Matte Blush. This is a color quartet which is combination of four perfectly aligned matte shades all in one blush. You can choose to wear this in each shade or you can give your brush a full swirl for fresher look. There are two shades to this and retails at RM19.90 each.

Limited Editions
(Kaviar Gauche for Catrice- Available Now)

The Blockbuster Palette

Now remember we were speaking on the Limited Edition Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Collection earlier? Well this is it. Right here we have the blockbuster Eye and Face Palette, which comes in six delicate eyeshadow colors and one contour and highlight shade.

This set here has already been made available in stores (though we are a little unsure on whether it has been displayed) but this beauty is available for purchase at RM36.90 and is packaged with a graceful golden floral lace design.

The blurring powder pearls

However the one that took the cake was this product right here. Now doesn't this remind you a little of Guerlain? Well this is definitely the more affordable version and it is called the Blurring Powder Pearls that makes the skin look very smooth and seamless.

It also has light reflecting pigments ensuring a flawless and glowing complexion for the face and although it is only available in the shade C01 Sweet Secret, it is retailing at RM23.90 and you can find it at selected local Guardian stores nationwide.

Limited Edition 'Kaviar Gauche for Catrice' Overview (inclusive GST)

  • Gliding Eye and Face Palette: RM36.90
  • Blurring Powder Pearls (1 shade) : RM23.90
  • Gentle Lip Gloss (2 shades) : RM17.90
  • Nail Lacquer (4 shades) : RM15.90

Limited Editions 
(Travel De Luxe - Launching February 2016)

Travel De Luxe

Now let's give a hearty welcome to the range where warm temperatures and beautiful sea designs take place. Here we have the Cruise Collection called Travel De Luxe that meshes light fabrics, summer prints and fresh colors, all at one go.

The palette

So with regards, let's talk about the statement palette first. This practical travel set unites seven must haves for that ideal summer look and includes a highlighting powder and blush with fresh facial accents as well as a bronzer for a sun-kissed complexion. It has radiant and expressive eyeshadows together with an anthracite eyeliner pencil and highlighting pen, which retails all for the price of RM36.90.

The entire collection

There is also a caring lip balm, a refreshing mist body spray and nail lacquer in this limited edition set, which we will talk about once we have had a more deeper insight into the products. However for now, we will list them down below with their retail prices attached for reference.

Limited Edition 'Travel De Luxe' Overview (inclusive GST)
  • Travel Set Palette: RM36.90
  • Caring Lip Balm (1 shade) : RM20.90
  • Refreshing Mist Body Spray : RM23.90
  • Nail Lacquer (4 shades) : RM14.90

On the collections

Overall the collections shown at Catrice was impressive and looking into the Limited Editions, their packaging has really improved and as much we would like to strongly advocate for their Eye Brow Set (which is amazing), its time to turn your focus to these stellar products for this Autumn/ Winter 2015.

Now as the limited edition sets will not remain available throughout the permanent line, we would highly recommend to get it while it is still in stock for this Christmas season. However as the Travel De Luxe will only be launching in February 2016, you can prob still wait out for that one. In the meantime, for more details and updates, you can always head over to Catrice Malaysia's Official Facebook Page for further information.



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