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Experiencing Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Trying out the range

Back in the day when we were first exposed to Youngblood Cosmetics, it was stumbled upon on recommendation, and thus unconsciously not knowing how good their line was back then, we began using their Loose Mineral Foundation which in time and with no surprise became one of their best-sellers.

Now if you were to ask many makeup artists, a lot of them would tell you to steer clear of mineral makeup due to the high amounts of bismuth oxychloride which is a grayish-white powder that can look a little ashy on camera and can accentuates your pores and fine lines. However Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is a separate story all together for it has a medical setting that is talc-free, vegan, paraben-free and more.

Award Winners and Highlights

Now this Loose Mineral Foundation which was the very first product that we tried was extremely lightweight and natural and to be honest, it is personal love affair but as the years went by, looking for a repurchase became difficult because Youngblood Cosmetics became rather inaccessible to us and its production was rather hard to locate.

So you can imagine that it came with great joy when AsterSpring started debuting the range recently, and thus we became to know more about the brand and their upcoming collections as well. Hence, experiencing the new items that YoungBlood had to offer was an immense participation and below are some of the key highlights on what we discovered on the brand this year.

Experiencing Youngblood Cosmetics | Holiday 2015

Applying the eyeliner

The first two items that we are going to be highlighting on the experience which was extremely noteworthy is Youngblood's Mineral Primer and Liquid Mineral Foundation. Both of these were set later on with the Loose Mineral Foundation but the longevity and coverage that these three bring together when combined, was a dream.

A closer look on camera- After a 7 hour wear

The Liquid Mineral Foundation was such a great discovery on our part as it had a light to medium coverage with a lightweight consistency that brought a hint of dewy freshness to the skin without going too much over the top.

It's transparent base which was the Mineral Primer (RM158) on the other hand is an Award Winner for this 2015 under Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards; and truly helps to enhance the performance of makeup throughout the day as you can see from the above picture.

With Youngblood's MUA Vinz

Another two products that we would like to bring to attention here as well would be the Pressed Mineral Blush (RM104) and the Incredible Wear Gel Liner in Black Orchid, which pretty much sums up the whole festive look. As you can see from the photograph above, there is a slight shimmer on the apples of the cheeks which would usually be said to be some sort of highlight but surprisingly enough, it is just the blush and its subtle sheen.

As for the Gel Liner, its shade falls to a matte dark purple which is very wearable and subtle for daily outings. This comes in Youngblood's Latest Holiday Essential Set which retails at RM191(wm) each or with every RM380 purchase on Youngblood products.

On the Holiday Sets 2015
The Holiday Essential Sets contain:

  • Incredible Wear Gel Liner (Full Size)
    • Sienna (Day Set)
    • Black Orchid (Night Set)
  • Mineral Primer (5ml)
  • Liquid Mineral Foundation (3ml)
  • Hi-Def Mineral Perfecting Powder (Translucent, 0.5g)
  • Mineral Lengthening Mascara (Blackout, 1g)

Products used

Overall the experience on the line was great and it was wonderful to know more about Youngblood and on how their range and their brand has expanded, so if you guys would like to take a look, you can always check out its availability on AsterSpring or even at authorized Youngblood retailing outlets nationwide. In the meantime, for more information about the brand, you can always visit their Official Website for further details.



  1. wow new brand as I don't know of this brand until I read here. I like shopping cosmetics hehe.. but I also check if they are suitable for me or not.

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    And then the girls' range of toys broaden.
    Enjoy your playground girl.
    BTW, you look stunning.

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  13. Their Liquid Mineral Foundation is worth trying especially for those who has sensitive skin and prone to break out.

  14. Nice. I personally enjoy the primer! Its lightweight and it really does wonders to smooth out uneven texture :D

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