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Getting to know Return Legacy

Return Legacy

When it comes to your health, it’s needless to say that all of us know that everything is about check and balance. Thus upon discovering Return Legacy as a solid mobilizer on our end, it is seen that good nutrition is a platform that consistently progresses to providing a real solution to growing epidemics.

So with regards to improving both the physical and financial health, it is time to discover how to maximize your potential using the traits, talents and special genetic characteristics that make you uniquely you. Hence following with that support, let's get down to know a little more about Return Legacy and how it can make your life just a little better. 

On Products


With Redoxy, we shall first take a look at the surface. You see, with our skin being exposed to many harsh conditions; due to the variety of factors such as our lifestyle, diets and personal habits, it is no surprise that over time, you will find wrinkles, age spots and dryness on the face.

This is not something that we can fully avoid but with this, prevention is key. It is notable that as we get older, or even after the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen on the skin each year. This effect causes the skin to lose its elasticity which would make texture thinner, less plump and not smooth. 

Applicator uncapped

Now there are no short cuts to beautiful skin but in terms of minimizing wrinkles, boosting radiance and suppleness, Redoxy does help. The texture to this product is in a form of a cooling milky white substance that has a rather refreshing scent which was found delightful upon application. In terms of formulation, it also penetrates well into the skin, leaving no residue or a heavy feel to the face. 

Seeing as this Redoxy is specifically targeted to boost the amount of collagen to the matrix of the skin, continuous use of this will of course provide better results and in time, will showcase beautiful radiant skin with increased elasticity, bounce and glow.

H+ Skin Renewal Spray

On the packaging

The H+ Skin Renewal Spray has a nice ring to it doesn't it? The design on the packaging compliments it well too and with its name H+, it gives the product a rather unique edge which stood out from the rest. However casings aside, let’s talk about the product within, for it is a deep penetration renewal spray that focuses on the three major functions which consists of moisturizing, oil control and skin repairing.

Now on a personal level, this was the absolute favorite of the bunch and its consistency is reminiscent of tiny little water droplets. It is quite refreshing, absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a very cooling effect after application.

The bottle

There is no scent to this so you needn’t worry about that but in terms of its usage and mechanics; its how-to is pretty straight forward.

As this product is infused with Japan’s Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology (Microcluster Technology), we have found that the product actually reliefs itchiness from mosquito bites and as a little goes a long way, you would just need to hold the product inches away from your face and neck and then spray for application. This is good for both day and night so depending on your preferences, you can use it both ways.

2° Degree Hydro Activator

Moisture and Hydration

Now this 2° Activator Hydro is gold in a jar, especially for those with dry skin. The consistency is slightly thicker than Redoxy and H+ but it does give a nice amount of hydration for your skin throughout the day. It has a mild soothing scent but as the fragrance only lingers after for a little while after you put it on.

On the consistency

This does not affect its quick absorption effects though as its penetration is rather similar to H+ but with extra benefits such as being an anti-oxidant together with having anti-aging properties, it will give your skin a more even texture, especially where the targeted areas of flakiness and roughness are concerned.

30 sachets in 1 pack

With Medigold, we found this product to be more of an immune booster; and with tons of beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vinovia Red Grape Extract and more; it is not hard to see why. It has an ORAC value of 10,000 which compromises of 800g of fruits and vegetables per serving and is suitable for everyone, especially those would like to take control of their blood sugar level.

A Closer Look

There are 30 sachets in one packaging and each one taken tastes exactly like Ribena. There is a pattern that comes with this and coming to realize that the more we consume (max 2 packets a day), it gives an additional boost of energy during both day and night and is perfectly suitable for those of us who stay up late and are dependent on coffee. It detoxifies the body as well, so that is another plus point on our end.

Complete Products

After the usage of these products, we would have to say that overall, Return Legacy has indeed come up with really good and solid products to improve our health in the long run. These products are not our usual run of the mill but the effects after long term use, are quite impressive.

The first three products on application

However, for a more in-depth look within and to know more about the products, you can head on over to the links below for reference. After all, to know what your skin needs best, you must know the products and hence pick the suitable products that will work the best for you.

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