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Shopee | The perfect online companion for Buyers and Sellers

Going online with Shopee

As the year end beckons and comes to a close, its time to de-clutter that wardrobe and clean up the inventory. It is honestly amazing how many things can be collected over time and when these items are brand new, I would think that they would be deserving of a new home where they would be well loved and utilized.

I think its safe to say that all of us love browsing through online apps to find what is best suited to our needs, and recently I came across Shopee Mobile App (through Markets) and found that it is an online marketplace for both buyers and sellers to experience. The concept was rather interesting too and as I tested it out on the go, let's take a look at what it is all about.

Shopee Mobile App

The home page

Now the first thing that you need to know about this app, is that it is not an ordinary shopping app, for it connects people to one another while giving them the ability to pick and choose what they would like to buy and sell. With a simple flick of the finger, it helps us de-clutter our room in less than 30 seconds and at the same point, it saves us time and makes way for some new items too.

Trying out the app

It is truly not much of a hassle and one of the good things about it is that it works well on both an iOS and Android device. You can also download it at the Shopee App which has been linked together with its FAQ and Video.

Now once you open up the main page, you will see a lot of different segments; such as clothing, personal care, shoes, home and living, toys, games and much more. You will have tons of topics to explore at your own will and majority of them are at a really good rebate; most even going up to saving more than 50% off your purchase. You can concise this to fit your budget and filter what you are looking for, so that's a really great feature that was added in the app as well.

My profile with Shopee

As for those of you who are keen on selling, simply head on to your home page, click on that sell button below; upload your picture, key in the details and you are basically done. This is a very fast and smooth transaction where the seller would ship only after the buyer has paid the amount and the buyer's payment is transferred only after receiving the product, so do not worry on the mechanics because Shopee is extremely user friendly that focuses on the basics.

Benefits of Shopee:

1) Quick Sell: Post your product with category, description and price in less than 30 seconds.

2) Chat and Shop: Inquiry and negotiations on deals and offers with sellers in real time.

3) Guarantee: Either receive your order or get your money back. It assures safety on both the buyers and sellers.

4) Free for all: This app is freely available for all to download without any cost or listing fee.

5) Sharing: Sharing your posted item via social media to encourage your deals via a simple tap.

Receiving Items from Shopee

Why hello there Shopee

So as I got a couple of things from Shopee, I am going to do a simple share on the online stores that I choose from using the app. Always one for a good bargain, these outlets are very reliable, so let's have a look at what came packaged together in this little red bag.

Hanna & Kent

Anyone up for masks?

Now you guys know that I am all about face masks, so I had a vast variety to choose from on the app. This five pack was from Hanna & Kent which retails at RM41.30 (RM20 reduction from retail) and the packaging for them are just too adorable. They also carry a wide collection of really nice travelling kits and hand creams that are paraben free and are at affordable prices as well so do go and check them out.

Too Cool For School

Expanding on makeup and skincare

Now since I already own quite a number of things from the brand Too Cool For School (Egg Mousse Soap especially), I thought it would be time to expand and try out a good hydrating range and explore a little more on their makeup.

So after locating the online store for Too Cool For School on Shopee, it was opted for three, which is the Blending BB Cream (RM90), Hydra Cream and Pore Minimizing Serum. They have a good variety of choice there as well; so if you guys are planning to explore the range like I did, you can take a look at their online store as well.

Wako Beauty


Now imagine my surprise when I found these Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks over at Wako Beauty. Each of these retail for RM3.80 which is about RM2 more affordable than the one over at its official online stores. The same can also be said about its Skin Clinic Masks as well which is RM3 more cheaper too than its retail of RM 7.20.

Wako Beauty also carries a huge amount of Korean products; both for makeup and skincare, so if you guys are looking for an online stores that carries Tony Moly, Laneige, Innisfree, 3CE and more; then this would be the right up your alley.

On the benefits

Overall, Shopee is a very diversified app, that gives us the option to choose what we want, sell what we want and purchase on the items that we would like to have and need. There are honestly a lot of benefits that I do like when I use this app and more importantly, it saves us time, is fast and free.

Have a go with Shopee!

As always, I also have a special rebate for you guys when you do online shopping at Shopee ( I would never leave you guys hanging) and this usage applies store-wide with the minimum spend of RM50.

Rebate Code:

  • Use the code PENMYBLOG (limited to the first 200 first time users) to get a RM20 off your total bill. 
  • A minimum spend of RM50 is required and is valid till the 3rd January 2016 until 11.59 only. 
  • Promo codes must be entered at the Checkout Page and this is available to payments involving Shopee Guarantee only.
  • Not applicable to tickets, vouchers, mobile top-ups and bill payment categories.

For further details and information, you guys can also visit their Official Website and Facebook Page but in the meantime, do keep updated with the deals at their Shopee Mall and Instagram too. So happy shopping and  have a great New Year ahead everyone!



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