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PINK by Pure Beauty

At PINK by Pure Beauty's Launch

The distribution of Pure Beauty in Malaysia is no stranger to us and as we are familiar with the brand and thus have spoken about the previous range before (link here), there is a new introduction from our beloved Korea's advanced innovation which is PINK by Pure Beauty.

Hosted at the Hello Kitty Cafe last week, this range consists of an unique combination of PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active natural whitening ingredients which helps to not only brighten the skin but creates a perfect hydration balance.

The set up

This variation was shared during the session and the formulation was found to be rather interesting as each product sort of provides a luminous pink tint when applied to the skin. The concept here is based on the healthy fair glow that Korean women often have and thus with primary ingredients to protect the skin from UV rays and give the skin even and balanced skin tone, this range was welcomed rather generously to the public.

At Hello Kitty Cafe

However before we go into the concept of the products, let's talk a little about the Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe. There has been a lot of hype on this cafe when it first opened and let's just say if you are a huge fan of Hello Kitty, this place is going to be worth your buck. Everything from chairs, teacups, food and placements was themed with pink and of course with each placement revolving around Hello Kitty, it was a cosy concept that was rather inviting.

The serves

There are two floors to this joint, and has a rather Parisian feel to it. Handling more towards European cuisines, this venue is also rather picturesque for those who enjoy taking photographs. The price and cute presentation is consider alright for a themed cafe but the quality of food here was much left to be desired. So with that being said, let's move on to PINK's Edition of Pure Beauty.

Getting to know PINK by Pure Beauty

The range

Alright, so the first thing that you have to know about this range is that it consists of four products. We have the fresh Essence Water, so glow Essence, Pudding Cream and Blur Cream. So with these there are steps and the first is to get your Essence Water all over your freshly washed face and moisture and clarify with it.


The above photo basically describes what each of the products does for the face but the next step after the Essence Water is to improve and correct the skin so you can apply the so glow Essence for a more luminous look. This product locks in the moisture and also evens out discoloration on your skin.

The two final products in the line is to protect and enhance the texture to a more pinkish glow so with the Pudding Cream and Blur Cream, you will be able to soothe and refine the pores thus resulting in a healthy pink glow for the skin.

On Application

Hence as demonstrated by Stevensunny, you can see that the range does create a perfect hydration balance which not only brightens the skin at the end but reveals a natural pinkish glow on the skin after application.

Now personally we have given the products a go and though we don't see tremendous results of brightening right after, we do feel a boost of hydration within which does eventualize to a more balanced skin tone, so that's a good thing.


So besides the super cute packaging, the overall view for this range is promising. However a longer duration of application would be needed to achieve this moisturizing and luminous effect in the long run but for now on a personal note, this is a good range to explore with.

Prices are stated above but for more details on this latest Pure Beauty range, do remember to check out Pure Beauty's Official Facebook Page for further information.



  1. puding cream ! Sounds like macam boleh makan je hihi ~

  2. I seriously love the pudding cream!! :) wish to get a complete set right away from the store haha

  3. Have been eyeing this range of products when it hit the market! So pretty and simple packaging and really liking the texture of their products

  4. Pudding cream sounds amazing. I am down to purchase literally anything PINK. The Blur Cream also looks fantastic. Wish we could purchase the products here.

  5. The snacks looks so pretty! And everything there is so pink. So in line with the theme hehe

  6. I just read about this, I think last week. Very interesting product. Love their packaging alot.

  7. nice product to try, hehe. this reminds me of something.
    Love the place too, Hello Kitty, so pink and lovely.
    Congrats you won Insta contest

  8. Wish to get the whole set. I wonder how much it would cost, then?

  9. I want some of this products... huhuhu and the Hello Kitty cafe is such a chic place to launch this products.....huhuhu

  10. I like their packaging but have not try their product yet.

  11. The colour of the packaging looks sweet. I love the effect of natural pink glow.

  12. what a beautiful venue to hold an event.. watsons really put a lot of effort in.

  13. Siapa nak set pure beauty pink sy nk let go. Ade essence water, essence, lotion, pudding cream dan blur cream. Satu set sy letgo rm 130 sahaja. Bru pakai 6 hari.. Xsesuai dgn kulit sy.


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