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Dewamor Pink Floral Perfume by Nizam

At Dewamor's Pink Floral Launch

Success stories come in many forms but there is none quite like this one. You see, a couple of days ago, we attended a fragrance launch, one which greeted us with soft pink flower petals and a continuous display of gentle scents.

Now you would think this would be a typical event experience for us, but there was something rather different and warm about the approach of this particular occasion, and it was even more so when we were told on the backstory of the brand's founder and how this launch came to be.

Dewamor Pink Floral Perfume by Nizam

On the founder

Now Pink Floral by Dewamor is a local brand that was created by Mr.Mohd Kahirul Nizam Bin Wahidin who began his journey as a humble online entrepreneur who rose to success in the fragrance industry. What goes beyond this surface description though is that Mr. Nizam did all of this within a 5 year mark whilst being bound to a wheelchair, paralyzed throughout his entire life.

The Launch Gambit

Struggling with poverty growing up, it was no doubt that Mr.Nizam's disabilities did make things rather difficult for him, for even the simplest of tasks took a lot of effort on a daily basis. Plus not being able to complete his education due to this situation was more than a normal individual would usually bear but somehow with strong determination, Mr. Nizam took it up on himself to confront the challenge, went the extra mile and put in twice the amount of hard work just to make things better for his family, thus succeeding to do so in leaps and bounds.

Personally, we applaud anyone who is willing to beat the odds and go the distance and as you can see, perseverance plays a strong role here, for the founder's efforts paid off and eventually Pink Floral by Dewamor was created.

Introducing the fragrance

Now that you guys know the story behind Dewamor, we can't tell you how much the appreciation for this one fragrance multiplies tenfold. At least that is how we felt.

The intricate detailing on the diamond bottle, the sweetness of its refreshing floral scent, the charming soft pink flower that accents it all; simply from the gentle love of one person who worked so hard and bet all odds which at the end of the day made his dreams into reality.

The packaging

Plus something that really tugs on the heartstrings is the name. It represents inspiration in the simplest ways where the first part of the name 'Dew' means Embun in Malay and 'Amor' signifies Love in Italian. With this beautiful portrayal in hand along with femininity and elegance, Dewamor Pink Floral is now available in 45ml at RM199. So for further details, kindly visit Dewamor's Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram for more information.



  1. love the pinky feel. havnt try the scent yet...must be so seducing .

  2. Nice outfit on the first picture, babe! :) love those perfume too

  3. love your outfit and your looks as usual... and this perfume has such amazing story behind it... I want to try out the scent

  4. Love the sweet and elegant scent of this fragrance.

  5. This Pink Floral EDP perfume looks really good, may be try it very soon. Thanks for sharing.


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