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Experiencing KL City Dentists

At KL City Dentists

In a tall office tower on the 7th floor in Menara HSC, Jalan Ampang lays a dentistry clinic, newly introduced since October 2014 with a refreshing take of warm modernity and chic interior. Open concepts and huge windows flood natural sunlight into each room and stepping into its foyer gives its customers a comfortable assurance resulting in a relaxing scene.

At its foyer

Now usually when I go for my routine check ups with the my regular dentist, I make my visits as quick as I possibly can, as lingering around makes me nervous.

You see, as the lines grow long, I tend to get awfully aware of my surroundings and as I look around I am greeted with people who grow overly uneasy with their gum health and teeth issues. So more often than not, I bury my head in a magazine and patiently wait as my turn comes and in 15 minutes, I am off in a tick.

The sitting area

However with this place, there was something different. Not only was I able to approach and strike up a pleasant conversation with the wonderful receptionist at the door but the dentist in charge (Dr.Mong) was an absolute delight. I didn't find myself looking at the time, but rather taking in the beautiful interior and its staff like it was a breath of fresh air.

The Experience

Tools were immaculate

Now KL City Dentists is a very reputable and approachable dental clinic. It doesn't make you nervous, it doesn't intimidate and best of all, each dentist that you are assigned to takes care of you, down to every last detail. Plus since it was after CNY, I went in for a routine check up and to my gratification, the experience was smooth, composed, easy-going and very thorough.

Additionally I was also kept entertained with a TV above the dental chair (This was linked to the PC), which displayed a closer look at my teeth but when unused, it's YouTube Videos showcased definitely made a good start up conversation in between the process.

The surroundings

The warm welcome at KL City Dentists was indeed very gracious and as you can see, everything from stem to stern was immaculate and impeccably clean. Dr. Mong has also kept his team of five constant on a carefully selected scale, each with the driven focus on prioritizing on its service and customer care as well.

However with great services, it also pegged my curiosity on the other procedures the dental clinic had to offer. As I had always been a little insecure about my teeth in terms of its alignment, discoloration and what have you, I politely directed my questions to Dr.Mong who in turn, answered them purposefully.

The Services

The Sterilizing Room

Providing the general dental services such as comprehensive examination, fillings, crowns, polishing, scaling, extractions, deep cleaning and more, KL City Dentists seems to offer everything except braces.

This might be a little odd to some but going through the scale of questions with Dr. Mong, I also discovered that they do on the other hand provide e-Cligners which are a form of invisible braces to correct alignment. So I suppose in a way, we do have a win win situation. Of course aesthetic services are also granted to those of us who are looking for it, so in terms of whitening (both chairside and a home kit) KL City Dentists also does it spectacularly as well. However in terms of its key highlight, veneers are their artistry.

KL City Dentists - Services & Price Details


Whitening (Chairside) : RM2000
Whitening (Home Kit) : RM850 (usage - 6 hours a day)


Teeth Grinding - Customization (Anterior Splint - Bite Soft) : RM 1000
Teeth Grinding Customization (Soft Splint - Bite Soft) : RM 800

Restorative: *Highlight*

Veneers: RM7000 - RM8000
Tooth Implants (Noble Biocare): RM10,000

With Dr. Mong

Now for those of you who do not know what veneers are, they are custom made tooth colored materials designed to cover the front surface to the teeth to improve your appearance. This may not sound too out of the ordinary for you, but rest assured that this is the procedure done typically for A-List celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Tom Cruise. So if you thought it was mere whitening, nope this would be it.

Additionally, as not many dentists specializes in this field specifically, it is always good to know which dental clinic you can go to in order to get this done well. Plus as veneers are routinely used to fix teeth that are worn down, have gaps, chipped and misaligned, you would have to be selective, so if you are indeed looking for a more thorough consult, you can always go in to KL City Dentists for a quick once over with Dr.Mong.

Opening Hours

Overall, the experience of KL City Dentists was a pleasant one and seeing that my own personal dentist had already migrated to another country, I will definitely be coming back soon to do more regular check ups. In the meantime, for further details, you can always check out their information referenced below.

KL City Dentists:

Location: 7-03, Level 7 Menara HSC, 187 Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL
Contact: +603 2181 5792 (Office Hours) ; +6017 7926792 (After Office Hours)
Official Website:



  1. I went there before and Dr Mong is indeed a friendly dentist with pearly white teeth. With his smile, no worries of pain anymore.

  2. I used to fear to go see Dentist, back in my hometown My dentist looked fierce hehe but nowadays Dentist knows how to calm people and make our visit pleasantly

  3. I like the professional and friendly services by this dental clinic.

  4. Both my daughter and I have a fear of dentist, and visiting Dr Mong definitely is very comforting and a very pleasant experience...

  5. Coffee lover wishes to do whitening too.
    Too bad I am having tight schedule now. Will visit it after I back from Taiwan.

  6. I love how Dr Mong is really nice :) His services are on point

  7. beautiful teeth.. have heard about this clinic. Might pay it a visit soon enough.

  8. Such a grand looking dental clinic! Definitely their services would costs a bomb. Also explains why your teeth is always so sparkly!

  9. The price is too expensive for me but I like environment in the clinic. The service must be super good as I heard many people visit the clinic.

  10. Your post remind me that I need to visit a dentist soon, long time didn't do oral check-up already :)

  11. Well... I saw a lot of review of this dental clinic. Guess everyone has put the wrong focus, which is the dentist is so handsome~ XD Their price sounds reasonable as I have asked for quotation from other clinic as well. But, this is better because here have nice view and handsome doctor.. hahaha

  12. Dr Mong is the best dentist... And... I really love the environment of the dental clinic!~

  13. a pretty and pleasant clinic definitely makes visits to the dentisit much easier. I know many who dread their dental visits but I love mine like clockwork and look forward to visiting a dentist.


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