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Swift travels with Traveloka

When with family

Ever since our marriage, my husband and I have been shuttling back and forth in between different countries and while the experience has been rather exciting and new, the both of us have stumbled across a few hurdles which in the span of one year can be rather challenging.

Now if you are the type of person who travels a lot, go grab some popcorn, a good drink and read on because accessibility, comfort and convenience is going to be playing a huge role in this next topic which I am now going to be sharing with you.

Pre-Travelling Issues

The night lights in Singapore

Number 1: Flights.

Ah the horrible conundrum of switching back and forth in between travel websites, refreshing pages to see which airline carries the best package for you, then looking at the timeline of when your flights would arrive and then land; thus planning your whole trip around it with the consideration of delays and unforeseen circumstances. Sounds like quite an expedition am I right?

How would you plan swift travels?

Nonetheless, considering that I have always liked looking at listings on a full one page sequence instead of jumping through different websites, I have over time, scrolled through some apps on the phone, and one that I have found really useful is an app called Traveloka. A quirky name mind you, but don't be fooled, for it is really handy.

Using Traveloka

Planning a trip
Selecting Flights

You see how this travel app works, is that in terms of planning, it keeps the basics very simple and
timings very smooth. Let's just say that if I were looking to go to Singapore on a short notice, all I would need to do is to whip out my phone, head to the app, key in my travel date and presto, a full list of available travel times and airlines are provided (with nett prices) at my disposal.

Number 2: Accommodation

Surfing through multiple websites

The same also applies in terms of having a place to stay. Previously I had to go through a whole bunch of websites just to find a suitable venue that would accommodate myself, my significant other and our family and with all the pop up ads that are listed on certain sites, I found myself concerned over the types of virus that would find its way onto my laptop.

Sourcing through accomodations

Hence with a double tap, I realized that Traveloka helps assist you out there too. I found that the process was seamless and within minutes I found my family a place to stay. What's great about this is the location would also help you plan your itinerary around it, so this simple one-minute transaction would be very efficient but done so with minimal effort.

Places to Visit in Singapore


Now let's get to the interesting part. Since most of my trips are often made to Singapore, here I will be listing down some of the more interesting places to visit. After all, with smooth bookings and a pleasant flight, its time to see where you can go once you get to your destination.

Mainstream/ Touristy Venues

Universal Studios
(Pic Credit: SeranasGroup)

If you have yet to make a visit to Singapore before, maybe its best to check out some of the touristy spots. These include Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, Night Safari, Jurong Birdpark, Gardens By the Bay, and the Singapore Aquarium. If you are bringing family with you, it would be really nice to visit Universal Studios as well as you would be able to capture some beautiful moments there.

Interesting Finds

East Coast Park
(Pic Credit: Expedia)

If you are the type that likes doing things a little bit differently from most, this list down here might intrigue you. In terms of finding a good place to relax and spend time with the family, you can also head to East Coast Park and Coney Island for some leisure time.

These places have fun activities where in East Coast Park, you would be able to rent a bike, Rollerblade or even host a BBQ event for the night. I even heard that they do prawning there as well.As for Coney Island, nature trails are its highlight where you can experience the mangroves in Singapore.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
(Pic Credit: MakeMyTrip)

There are also a couple of historical and heritage sites that would be of interest as well such as the Toa Payoh Heritage trail or even the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. These places have stunning structures if you are up to having a look but if you are interested in checking out more romantic sights, you can also take a stroll down the Changi Point Boardwalk, visit Xiao Guilin or even check out the 55th level of ION Orchard at sundown.

So anyway, I do hope this article has helped in terms of making any travel plans but if you are interested in checking out Traveloka, you can always head to their Official Website or download the app on your phone. In the meantime, if you do make a visit down to Singapore, I truly hope these listings will help in terms of making your trip more memorable.



  1. thanks for the tips, will go through for it if I want to travel someday.. Singapore is a nice country to visit.

  2. it is similar to Expedia or skyscanner? Looks like a good app to explore

  3. Totally understand all these challenges of planning a trip. But when you are finally in your intended destination, all the hassle was worth it!

  4. Oh that's quick and easy for price comparison. Travelling would be very convenient this way :)

  5. Oh that's quick and easy for price comparison. Travelling would be very convenient this way :)

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  7. Thanks for sharing this, big help on making plans less stressful. I love your main pic outfit by the way💛

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  17. I do use traveloka for last minute finds especially during my first Japan trip when i needed an emergency stay for 3 days.

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