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Lancôme's Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage

Collaborator's Post | Lancôme's Cushion High Coverage

The preview

2015 was a true turning point for Lancôme in Asia. The brand wrote history by launching it’s very first cushion on the Asian market. Plus even more than that, it's previous Blanc Expert Cushion Rose went immediately to the top, thus achieving mind-blowing results in a short matter of time.
  • Number 1 Face Makeup Reference in Asia
  • Number 1 Makeup Reference in China, Lancôme is now the leading cushion brand in Asia

Lancôme's Cushion High Coverage

However at this moment, Lancôme brings us the latest Cushion High Coverage with a major innovation of Polar Technology which is a double-layered system for double performance sieveeffect to ensure velvety results. The Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage is a cushion foundation that is perfect for daily on the go application that gives up to 12 hours of lasting lively rosy makeup result.

A New Tint Cushion

With Cushion Polar TM Technology

Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage benefits from a new generation technology developed for Lancôme: the Cushion Polar TM technology, designed to adapt to a thicker, creamier texture and therefore with more coverage. Its secret; a sponge that has been reinvented and covered with an innovative mesh:

  • The sponge: it is composed of intertwined fibres, which offers more space to the formula thanks to the larger cavities. The stiffness of these fibres also allows for an optimal conservation of the formula at the heart of the sponge.

  • The mesh: covering the sponge and activated at first use, it filters the formula to ensure a fine and uniform application while participating in retaining its freshness.

A slight pressure on the powder puff of the cushion and the formula comes up to the surface. Neither too much nor not enough: by filtering the formula ideally, the Cushion Polar technology allows for the release of just the right dose. With its sleek and chic design, this new generation cushion shows why it is different. 

The Coverage

A high coverage formula

It has better coverage formula - richer in pigments. This new formula is dense and opaque, without sacrificing its lightweight application. The JEL-LIQUID technology with an incredible thixotropes properties, a new generation gel agent which decreases the viscosity constraint. 

When not in use, the formula is dense, thick giving it a better hold in the sponge. One simple press of the mesh that covers the sponge is enough to bring down the velosity of the Jel-Liquid technology and the light formula for easy distribution and spread onto the skin as well as maximum coverage with an easier application and a uniform skin result.

A fresh formula and long-wearing makeup

Barely on the epidermis, the evaporation of a portion of the components of the formula immediately drops the temperature of the surface of the skin by -1.7°C. More than a feeling of freshness, a moment of well-being. The same phenomenon also allows it to set the makeup on the skin. Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage offers a high coverage makeup result that last up to 8 hours and comes in 7 shades.

A heart of active treatment

A makeup product but also a skin care product, Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage is enriched with a cocktail of ultra-targeted skin care ingredients to reach the ideal Lively Rosy Bright skin: a corn extract known for its anti-pollution properties, extracts of rose, mint and gentian for their anti-inflammatory properties, a combination of vitamin CG and a derivative of resorcinol to combat excessive production of melanin, a moisturising agent. 

Also it’s SPF 50 + / PA +++ protection will satisfy the most demanding consumers in regards to solar protection and is in fact the Lancôme cushion with the highest protection.

On both products

Cushion Blush Subtil (The color statement)

To enhance this rosy complexion, Lancôme has created the first blush pad, the ideal blush touch to perfecting ones 'Lively Rosy Bright Look', which is available in 7 fresh and vibrant shades. With its formula that is very pigmented and adjustable to your needs, its mini compact size makes it the ideal nomadic accessory.

  • The Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage is available in 7 shades (specifically formulated for Asian skin), priced at RM188 inclusive of GST and is available at all counters nationwide from March 2016 onwards.
  • The Lancôme Cushion Blush Subtil is priced at RM145 inclusive of GST and is available at all counters nationwide from March 2016 onwards. 



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