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Innisfree Orchid Beauty Affair

At Innisfree's Beauty Affair

When Innisfree first debuted in here, a lot of us were pretty stoke. After all, it was Korean beauty and the hype for it pretty much resulted in its high demand. Plus after releasing several great skincare lines for us for more than a year, the brand quickly grew in its pace and in its own fashion, became a household name that set its foothold steadily here in Malaysia.

So when we attended their Beauty Affair a couple of weeks ago for their Orchid range, let's just say that we were pleasantly delighted that not one detail was out of place. Everything was taken into consideration and seeing that we have grown accustom with Innisfree over time; this is one brand that truly goes all out in terms of their packaging, delivery, names, formulations and so much more.

Innisfree Orchid Range

Innisfree Orchid

There are a couple of things that you would need to know about this newly introduced Orchid line, and the first is its purpose; which is for anti-aging and whitening effects.

You see, the Jeju Orchid flowers that is the main focal ingredient of this range is known for its resilience (where its able to withstand hash winter times); thus harnessed to be used as an antioxidant beauty elixir for Innisfree.

The Range of Products

There are a couple of products in the range which I will be breaking it down to you now but this is going to be done in a rather interesting way (where the approach was presented in a 3 course meal experience) to follow up on your daily skincare regimen.

The Experience
A closer look at the formulation

Appetizer: (The introduction of the 3 new products)

  • Innisfree Orchid Skin (RM89 | 200ml): A gel textured refreshing toner infused with Gel Network Technology that helps retain moisture after cleansing.
  • Innisfree Orchid Enriched Essence (RM115 | 50ml): Natural blend of lifting ingredients to firm, glow and lift the skin.
  • Innisfree Orchid Lotion (RM89 | 160ml): A smooth lotion mixed with coconute oil  to nourish the skin with the purpose of anti-wrinkle and whitening.

Main Course: (Main element to benefit the skin the most - opt for 1)

  • Orchid Gel Cream (RM101 | 50ml): Infused with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and Lecithin for normal and oily skin.
  • Orchid Enriched Cream (RM101 | 50ml): A moist essence Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and green pea extract to nourish and plump the skin. Great for normal to dry skin.
  • Orchid Intense Cream (RM113 | 50ml): A potent cream for those with really dry skin. Infused with Jojoba Ester, Jeju Orchid Extract and Jeju Green Complex  to boost the skin's natural barrier. 

Dessert: (Complete your skin routine)

  • Orchid Eye Cream (RM101 | 30ml): Treats the skin area around the eyes with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and caffeine.
  • Orchid Massage Cream (RM73 | 80ml): Balm textured cream with Jeju Orchid Extract, Jeju Green Complex and Meadow Foam Seed to relax the skin and improve blood circulation.

The decor detailing
The spread

Pretty interesting right? Well if you would like to give a go at the products or try if the regime would work well for you, you can always check out these 3 locations: Paradigm Mall, Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion KL for a closer look. In the meantime, for more details you can always visit their Official Website and Facebook Page for further information.



  1. Wah..They use Jeju Orchid?? I love their smell..

  2. I love the color theme of the products. And I love the way you break them down to the way that we apply each one of them. Very creative! Makes it easier to remember. Hehe

  3. wow... purple colours.. iloike
    never try this brand.. look amazing

  4. Wow must go the their location and must try. Interesting!

  5. Innisfree do provide quality products. Will check out the new range at Sunway Pyramid this weekend.

  6. Always love their setup and products, every corner is so camera worthy.

  7. I need to rescue 911 for my eyes after many sleepless nights. Never try orchid eyes cream before. Time for it! :)

  8. Many beauty bloggers posted about this product. I haven't use any Innisfree product yet. I'm loving the purple theme and the purple packaging. Never knew orchid can be as ingredients in beauty products.

  9. I saw this product and I think they smell nice... I certainly would invest in some once my skincare finishes...

  10. Wah, beautiful purple packaging..matching with ladies who like the beauty! :)

  11. Wah, beautiful purple packaging..matching with ladies who like the beauty! :)

  12. One look at the colour, I am reminded of orchids already, even before reading your post. It's one of my favourite flowers after all.

  13. the purple is so pretty! I wanna try this range too hehe

  14. Was nice seeing you again even it was for a brief moment babe! Loving the scent of this series thought i have yet to try them out. Using the Ginger Oil one now first XD

  15. super love this product! and their decoooo..omg, breathtaking!

  16. Innisfree is one of my Korean brand and they always have quality yet affordable product. This range looks so good especially with the color. You makes me want to try out now!


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