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Pupa Milano Limited Edition Dot Shock Collection launches at Sasa Malaysia

At Pupa Milano's launch at Sasa

Whenever it comes to makeup, there is always a very colorful interpretation of it, hence following up with the Polka Dot trend where exaggerated shapes, geometries and soft spring colors take place; the global makeup Italian brand Pupa Milano has now launched its limited edition Dot Shock range.

On the Collection

Now as intriguing as its name sounds, the Dot Shock series has a wide variety in its collection where two eyeshadow palettes were introduced along with an eyeliner, 2 balmy glosses, 4 ultra brilliant lipsticks, 4 gel nail shades and a lovely multicolored pearl blush.

The Dot Shock Collection

The Dot Shock Eyeshadow Palettes

However having a brief introduction seems a little vague so let's expand by going through the selection one by one. First up we have two of the Dot Shock Eyeshadow Palettes which holds sophisticated soft shades that can be applied on the lid either wet or dry.

Spring Sunset (Applied Wet)

The shades are rather versatile as well; with 001 as Sweet Romance and the other 002 under Spring Sunset. Retailing at RM85, these five compact eyeshadows have a high concentration of pigment with great color payoff and while it looks great on the eye as it is, you can also achieve a foiled look just by spritzing a little water onto your brush just before applying the shades on the lids.

The Ultra Brilliant Lipsticks

As for the Ultra Brilliant Lipstick on the other hand, it comes in four shades (001 Sugar Peach, 002 Fair Pink, 003 Shock Fuchsia and 004 Fancy Red) that applies very lightly on the lips while depositing a strong form of color with a rather wet finish.

Retailing at RM59 each, its texture is quite smooth that enhances the plumpness of the lip and with an extraordinary crystal effect, it also boosts a semi-transparent consistency with gentle comfort as well.

Gel Nail Polishes

As for the nail polishes on the other hand, all four shades are extremely beautiful, with each enhancing the spring look with its variety of two soft matte shades (001 Sugar Peach & 002 Fair Pink) and two glass effect finishes (136 Shock Fuchsia & 137 Fancy Red).

A total of four in the collection, these Dot Shock Color Gel retails at RM43 each, provides full color result and as the application is quite smooth as well, it transfers a very polished feel to its user as well.

Vamp! Stylo Liner

Now we all know how we feel about our liners and while some of us prefer our felt tips kept slim and immaculate, there are those who prefer superstar eyes with a long lash line of pure immediate color.

This Vamp! Stylo Liner retails at RM65 (available in the shade: 001 Creamy Chocolate) and is absolutely perfect for those who like fast application with ultra precision along the outer eye contour. Plus with its soft marker tip, you can rest assured that this particular liner will not make its mark anywhere outside of its own line as well.

The Balmy Gloss

Now we have no idea why, but this Dot Shock Balmy Gloss reminds us a lot on the Buxom lip glosses where its shiny textured effect not only tailors in nourishing oils; but also brings in a rather light, soft consistency that formulates with a buttery melt-on effect.

Retailing at RM59 for two shades (001 Petal Coral & 002 Pink Beauty), these two glosses also holds special pigments that react according to the lips pH value, which to sum it up makes them both rather customized, suiting into a more unique 'tailor-made' result.

Dot Shock Blush

As for the last product within the range which is the Dot Shock Blush, this is the one that stood out the most to us. The sweetness of its shade in 001 Dot Macarons made of a light and silky formulation was simply gorgeous and as it was enriched with precious ultra fine pearls, the texture lightens up the face for a very fresh looking and naturally radiant complexion.

Retailing at RM99, the color payoff on this was wonderful and when applied to dewy skin, the results honestly looked even more impressive. So depending on how you would play around with it, the results will vary on different types of skin-tones.

With International Makeup Artist Giorgio Forgani

Overall the introduction to this range was done well and as excited as we are to see these stacked up in shelves at Sasa, we have to say that we are more excited on how well the brand would be received by customers because in all honestly, the products are pretty much all on point.

However for further details, you can follow Pupa Milano on their Official Facebook Page and of course for more information, you can always check out Sasa's Facebook Page as well.



  1. i love the blusher..the smell so sweet wright!!

  2. wish i was there too!! too busy with work that i couldnt meet the makeup artist Giorgio Forgani in person!

  3. Omg! Their dot shock eyeshadow is so pretty and shimmering. Love it!

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    so tempting now... thinking..

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  8. More beautiful toys for the girls. Girls are really going to have more fun. Love the eyeshadow pallete as it can be used on the lips too.


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