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The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Mousse Pack

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Mousse Pack

The Face Shop is a well known brand throughout Korea and having tried some of their products before, I have found certain ones to be either a hit or miss with me due to having dry skin. Nonetheless with this overbearing heat that we have been having in Malaysia lately, I took trial on their Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Mousse Pack and needless to say that the results have been quite spectacular thus far.

Before Application | Skin Condition

Before Application | Bare Faced

I think the first thing that you would need to know about my current skin condition is that it is severely dry and reacts very badly to overwhelming UV rays. So much so, these past couple of days have been really trying as well as the skin started to flare up, causing little flakes and red bumps while clogged impurities started to seep up onto the surface through open pores.

A Closer Look
Opening the product

Now I am not sure if you can see the skin's condition clearly through the pictures, but usually during this time, a lot of sheet masks, lotions and moisturizing packs would have to come through as those were the few products that would work best for my skin.

However in terms of the Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Mousse Pack, its description states that it cares for the skin deeply, and leaves it silky and soft without being too oily after application. It also protects the skin from daily impurities and fine dust as well which in the long run will help the skin remain supple and radiant throughout the day.

The Routine

The Clay Consistancy

So basically now it is just the simple task on how to apply it and when to do so. If you are following a routine or a certain regime, you can apply this after your toning and cleansing (I usually do this at night ) and one pump will be all you need to distribute over the entire face.

Half Face Done

Now the one thing to take note here is that with this mask, a thin layer spread throughout the face is all you would need; for if the consistency is too thick, the matter of letting the skin absorb all the benefits would take a whole lot longer than usual.

After Application

So once you are done applying the mask to the entire face (make sure not to miss out the corners as well), simply go about doing what you have to do for the next 15 to 20 minutes while waiting for the consistency to dry and tighten. Once this is done, take lukewarm water and gently wash off the product in circular motions.

Ensure to wash your hands after application
After 15 minutes

Now the one thing to remember is if you are applying the product with your fingers and not an applicator, always ensure that your hands are washed clean right after. This is due to the fact that the clay mousse pack will definitely harden and if you do forget to wash them (like yours truly) you will get little bits and pieces lodged in between your nails and fingers which will not be a pretty sight to follow.


After 20 minutes
After Cleanse

As for the results, it was certainly a refreshing sight to see once the Volcanic Lava Clay Mousse Pack had been washed off, for when applied on was the effect was not only very cooling onto the skin, but somehow it had also manage to ease off those little bumps that I had on the side of my cheeks very effectively with a revitalizing scent.

There was no signs of redness as well and the pores around my nose definitely looked smaller upon closer inspection. Plus what truly followed was that it did live up to its description as my skin did feel very soft and smooth after applying the product.


Overall I think this product is amazing and if you do come across it, definitely give it a try. The retail is listed at RM72.90 but now the brand is having an amazing deal where you can only get it at RM61.97 on their Official Webpage. For further details, you can follow them on their Facebook Page as well.



  1. bila you tak pakai makeup..your face so beauty even always use you

  2. wow price sound affordable to buy. shall let friends know of this too

  3. This is pretty interesting stuff... Right now I am using Innisfree and am loving it... but I won't mind checking this one out too

  4. I've been hunting for a clay mask. This looks like what I should get!

  5. hahaha u look like ghost after putting the mask but im glad u look so much more radiant now!

  6. I have not try it yet and it looks cool, will try it soon.

  7. I like the packaging, it makes the mask application so much easier :)

  8. Due to some problems from travel recently, I had to use a certain kind of product (from a clinic) to get my skin back to normal. Maybe I'll try this once my skin is back to its usual state. Since the price isn't so bad either. :)

  9. Such a lovely product... THe clay effect is nice.. Easy to use..

  10. i totally love its creamy texture!! :D plus it doesnt dry out easily.

  11. So envy with your flawless skin. Clay is always the best to clear the pores from dirts. Live you.

  12. wow.. cool.. ur skin look amazing n clean
    fresh from oven.. hehehehe. i must try

  13. I should try this Face Shop products coz I read many positive reviews about it

  14. Do you use this every day or how many times a week please

  15. Do you use it every day or how many times a week?


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