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A Touch of Convenience with the Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer | Review

The Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer

Parenting takes up a lot of time. Sometimes, more than we would even think. So when I am in the midst of doing household chores, I would always tend to look for products that would be able to make the process a little easier; whether it would be a bit quicker, or slightly simpler.

So with regards to this, I have actually heard about the Philips EasyTouch Plus before, and have had friends telling me how good and convenient it is. Now having in hand and having used it throughout the month of Deepavali, I think it is good to say that it is time that I shared my thoughts on it.

Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer | 1600W

The Assembly

Now I can understand the appeal of having a garment steamer in the house. It is convenient, extremely economical, gentle on clothes and portable to bring with you wherever you go. Hence as you can see from the unboxing done above, Philips had a very nice way of individually sectioning the parts needed, as well as including a helpful instructional manual to go along with it to put the product together. So if you are a newbie at this at assembling, you needn't worry.

The Hanger
Attached with the StyleBoard

So to begin with, let's start at the very top. Here we have the hanger, where you would be able to traditionally hang your tops, t- shirts or even clip on a pair of trousers or pants to steam. This comes along with an adjustable pole for your convenience, where you would be able to modify the length to the one that you are comfortable with. However if you enjoy your clothes being crisp and smooth, simply fasten on StyleBoard for more precise strokes.

The Detachable Water Tank

As for the bottom half, here is where it gets interesting. So before you begin steaming your clothes, the first step that you would want to do is to fill up the detachable tank below with water. It is located at the back of the steamer where the plug is, so you definitely won't miss it.

The 5 Steam Settings

Next up, remove the plastic protector on your garment steamer and choose a steam setting that is suitable to your fabrics. After that, simply wait for your steamer to heat up (which usually takes about less than a minute) and proceed to use (with or without the glove provided).

On Blouses

Now what I enjoy about this garment steamer, is that it is gentle enough to use on delicate clothes but is also tough enough to use on thicker apparel as well. Hence as can be seen from above, the top that I have there is a little thick, but the steamer gently goes through it with no hassle, and thus you would be able to view one side (on the right) where it is smooth, where else the other which had not been touched, a little crinkled.

On Sarees

However what surprised me the most, was what it did for my sarees. Here I have a Patola saree that I thoroughly love - but with all the pleating that goes into tying a saree, it tends to get a little wrinkled from wear.

Now for this I had to do it in folds due to the fabric being big, but this steamer handled it like a pro, where I didn't even had to use pressure to smoothen out those pleating lines. You would however need to clip this fabric as opposed to hanging it though, so it would be easier to work the steamer down as you progress.

So on overall you guys, I am impressed with the Philips Easy Touch Plus Garment Steamer. I think the brand did a wonderful job on it and and also made its retail at a decent price point for everyone. However for more information, do head on over to Philips Official Website for further details and updates.

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