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The Luxury Wellness Edit | Phillip Wain

At Phillip Wain

Phillip Wain has been classified as one of the most well-known, all around premium fitness, health and beauty centers in KL, and while we have certainly seen plenty of these up and around the public space, there is one significant aspect that sets it apart from all the rest. It caters only to women.

Entering Phillip Wain

At the entrance
The Lounge and Juice Bar

Now I personally found this to be rather fascinating, and the the facilities within was definitely a sight to behold at 16,000 sqf.

The makeup corner
The changing rooms

We are literally talking about walking towards a beautifully laid out entrance which then opens up to a wonderful lounge; a makeup and change corner that comes on the left that is just endless, a steam and sauna room that on one end is just divine, a fully equipped gym at the other, together with a nail room and so much more. Honestly if I could go on, the list would probably never end.

Within Phillip Wain | Comfort & Privacy

  • Main Facilities: Lounge, Health Juice Bar, Locker and changing rooms.
  • Fitness & Health Center: Gym, Pilates lessons and more.
  • Beauty Treatment Facilities : Beauty Facials,Slimming Treatments, Spa, Nails, Hand, Eye and Neck Treatments.

The Gym
The Spa

However, the reason that I was there was because we were giving a go at the HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial that was using solely Babor Skincare. If you are unfamiliar, this skincare brand is one of the top of its range, and having used it in the past, a part of me was curious to see how the end result of the facial would be.

The Babor Range

Now the duration of this process was around an hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes in total), and while it was extremely relaxing, you could see that the focus was there to get results. The esthetician who was with me named Hui Yi mentioned that there are 10 steps in total and at the end of it, the skin would look firmer and brighter, plus as time would go on, the improvement of the skin's texture would also be well lifted, hydrated and much improved.

HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial | Steps

  • Cleanse the Face, Neck and Decollete thoroughly with Babor HY-01 Cleanser & Babor Phytoactive Reactivating.
  • Purifying Enzyme Mask (Papaya Enzyme) is applied.
  • A 5 minute steam.
  • Extraction Performed.
  • Apply a Toner.
  • Apply the Babor Lift Express Ampoule and a soothing ion Gel.
  • The Needleless Mesotheraphy technology is then used to penetrate the Babor Lift Express ampoule into the skin. This allows the nutrients to penetrate into the epidermal and dermal layer directly. (10 minutes)
  • A unique lymphatic and deep tissue massage is then performed with the Babor HSR Extra Firming Serum and Firming Cream.
  • Use a serum and the Babor Extra Firming Cream and Minimal Control Cream. (Do not rinse)
  • Application of an exclusive double layer mask - The Babor HSR Extra Firming Cream Mask and the Bellmona Vitamin C Soft Mask.

After the facial
Around Phillip Wain

Now on overall, the experience had an immediate effect and was wonderful, plus even after a week, I found that my skin texture did improve and even more so when it came to the lifting aspect of it. In addition to that, most of my clogged impurities was dispelled, plus if you are the type who wears makeup on the daily, you would find that the application would be much smoother and there would be no form of unevenness anywhere.

The Product Display
The Waiting Corner

Hence here is what I am really quite excited to share with all of you. Now the normal price for the HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial with Babor is RM1008, however if you are a first timer to Phillip Wain and would like to try it out, you would only be getting it at RM158 nett.

Promotions & Opening Hours

Ongoing Promotions:

  • HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial with Babor : RM1008 (now at RM158)
  • Pilates: RM280 (now at 50% off at RM140) till end of the year

Opening Hours:

  • Weekdays: 7am-9pm (6:30pm is the last appointment)
  • Saturday:   7am-6pm (4pm is the last appointment)
  • Sunday:     11am-6pm (4pm is the last appointment)

Now that is a pretty amazing deal, so to make an appointment, call in to 603-21482200. They are located on the Pamper Floor (2nd Floor) of Starhill Gallery and their opening hours are of as above. For more details and updates, you can also always head on to their Official Website for further information as well.


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