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Diptyque opens its very first boutique in Pavilion Mall | Winter 2017 Collection

On the Collective

If you are ever in search of Diptyque's 1st boutique in the SEA, it is not too hard of a find. Located on the 3rd floor of Pavilion Mall, the store welcomes you with gleaming wide glass doors along with two ample ones at the side that form a diptych in which the brand is named.

Diptyque's 1st Boutique in SEA

At the boutique

Paying homage to the Malaysian culture, a beautiful decorated area is found within and here it opens up to a warm space that serves as a stage for diptyque's collections. Its design is the combination of modernity with materials and motifs, and is also inspired by the exploration of art living through senses as well.


So what is found within the store? Well as soon as you step through the door, you would be immediately greeted by the new perfume discovery ritual. This collection stands unfurled before an immense folding screen, the poetic evocation of diptyque's fragrances-an olfactory landscape that invites the observer on a journey for the imagination and the senses.

What you would find

Other than that, the furnishings here are also redesigned to emphasize the space's elegant height and are made from native Malaysian teak and ebony. Plus on either side of the screen at the centre of the room, you would find that there is an intimate alcove highlighting colorful harmonies of tissue paper, objects of the gift-giving ritual dear to the brand's heart.

Diptyque Winter Collection 2017

Frosted Forest
Incense Tears

Now in terms of the brand's Winter 2017 Collection,  this Constellations collective is a collaboration between Diptyque and artist Philippe Baudelocque.  He depicts three mythological creatures for the range which is a Phoenix, a Dragon and a Unicorn; and each of these figures gave its name to a constellation, thus embodying a distinct color, and fragrance.

Fiery Orange

So three candles were born out of the union between the brand and Philippe Baudelocque, welcoming us to close our eyes, and let the soothing allure of their fragrances whisk us off without a second thought towards the starry skies above.

On the Scent
On Overall

Other than that, Diptyque's 2017 Collection also features a set of Carousel + 2 candles worth RM679, a discovery set of 5 Eaux De Parfum that retails at RM429, an advent calendar worth over RM2000, and a perfume and candle set valued at RM469. Not only that but each of the signature candles (190g) for the collection  retail at RM319 each as well.

So for further details, head on over to Kens Apothecary's boutique and have a look at the collection. Alternatively, you can also head on over to their online store to check them out as well.


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