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Baby Care Highlights from Claire Organics

On Claire Organics

When it comes to your child, being selective in terms on what they use daily becomes your routine. From skincare, toiletries, to even pieces of clothing are now completely up to you, and thus being new at it, you are then exposed to these huge selections of baby products where pin pointing out the best which is suitable and comfortable for you and your child becomes your number one priority.

All natural products

Now we have seen many baby products in the market, and while the industry keeps churning out more releases, I often tend to look for more natural and organic ones because I find that they work well to Adrianna's needs. Also if you are an avid researcher like yours truly, you probably would have heard of Claire Organics which has a natural range of baby products that is 100% chemical free and is safe for baby use.

15% rebate off your total bill with the Code "SHIVB"

The Highlights

So here we have a kit,  where the products for baby care ranges from soaps, balms, baby oils and even a mosquito repellent. Wrapped up in a nice turquoise packaging, they are just lovely to have by and thus here are some of the highlights that I would recommend to parents out there who are looking to give a go at products that are 100% natural.

The Calendula Soap

The first one up is the Calendula Soap that has a little coconut tinge to its scent, has gentle protection and is anti eczema. Also if your baby is prone to diaper rash, then this would be one that would be good to utilise. As for its ingredients, soy milk and soy beans are prime here for moisturization, and while it is suitable for both babies and pregnant mums alike, it also retails at RM21 per 100g bar.

The Lavender Baby Oil

The next one here is the Lavender Baby Oil that calm, soothes and protects your child's skin. Now this is specially formulated with a unique blend of natural oils known for its healing and moisturizing properties, and on your child, it gives good nourishment and softens the skin to a supple finish.

The Mosquito Repellent

As for the last two products, here we have the Mosquito Repellent and Baby Care Happy Bum. I love how the names are put together for these two, and starting off with the Mosquito Repellent, this is repellant roll on balm that reduces itchiness on your child's skin and soothe insect bites. It retails at RM23, keeps the bugs away from your little ones and is also effective to all skin types.

The Balm

In terms of the Baby Care Happy Bum, it is an All in 1 Baby Care that is suitable for nappy rash, baby rash and baby eczema. It can even combat dryness and can be used as a lotion or a baby massage balm as well. It comes in a small container of 20g and application starts with a tiny amount that is used over targeted areas after a nice warm bath.


On overall, the products are just lovely to use, so to know more on the product range, you can head on over to Claire Organics Official Facebook Page or even on their Official Instagram handle for further updates. You can also use the code SHIVB for a 15% rebate on your total bill if you are looking to purchase as well.


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