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Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Mask vs the Hydrogel Mask

On Masks

Since it has been awhile we have last spoken about masks, let's have a sit down and talk about them for a bit. Ever since the weather has been a bit unruly as of late, we find that our skin textures have been called into question as of how dry or even how patchy they have been.

The Hydrogel Mask

So thus here we are with two variants from Neutrogena, one a Hydrogel Mask and another a Capsule Sleeping Mask. Each of these have two types of effect, one called Hydro Boost to amp up moisturization, and the other called Fine Fairness which leaves your skin luminous.

The Capsule Sleeping Mask

Hence to make things interesting, we decided to put to the test as to which of these variants can deliver the most benefits to the skin. Also seeing as we are working with a dry texture, we will be utilizing the Hydro Boost range for this.

Breaking It Down

On the Hydrogel Mask

Now with the Hydrogel Mask (RM13.90 per piece at Guardian), the texture on this is sort of a jelly liquid consistency. It is very cooling to the face, doesn't drip as much as an ordinary sheet mask would and fits on the face extremely well without budging. Also it would be good to note that after putting this on for 15-20 minutes, any amount of residue that is left sitting on the surface of your skin right after, is best massaged into the skin in circular motion for a maximize effect.

Application on the face
After 20 minutes

In terms of how long lasting the hydration would be after the application, we would give this a good 4 hours. This Hydrogel Mask gave the face a nice, healthy glow and while it did not give the face a heavy wear of overly intense hydration, it is effective and does live up to its claims.

On the Capsule
The Consistency

So as for the Capsule Sleeping Mask (RM12.90 at Watsons), it is claimed to be an overnight mask that is meant to be utilized at night. There is an option however to use it as a quick rejuvenation mask for over 15 minutes, and the probability of this is that all you would need is a thin layer of this instead of a thicker one at night, and you are good to go.


A nice trick that we like to do with this is to keep this in the fridge and then take it out when it would be time to use it. The consistency automatically becomes cooler and lighter, and applying it on the face thus becomes more of an experience. However, what we really enjoy about this is that you can control the amount of product that is going on the face (it can go up to 3-4 uses per capsule), plus you can also mix it with boosters for a more customized feel.

On Overall

So all in all, which weighs on benefits more? While this highly depends on personal preference, we have to say that the one that really delivers in terms of having an instant effect on the skin, has to be Hydrogel Mask. The moisturizing result that it gives is not too overpowering but the experience and rejuvenation that it brings after application is just lovely. However in terms of utility, the Capsule Sleeping Mask wins the title hands down.

However if you would like to know more updates on these mask variants from Neutrogena, do head on over to their Facebook Page for further details.


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