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Marina De Bourbon Paris Cristal Royal Rose | Fresh & Floral

The Cristal Royal Rose

Over the last week, we had the opportunity to experience Princesse Marina De Bourbon Paris latest fragrance release at Sasa called the Cristal Royal Rose. The bottle which was inspired by French Manufacturers from the Palace of Versailles, Masters of Crystal features a transparent and faceted glass as its package that shines in beams of crystalline light.

Marina De Bourbon Paris Cristal Royal Rose

A Close Up
On the bottle

Pink prisms recall the design of the bottle and its pink links reminds the purity and sophistication that the fragrance holds. Not only that but as the hue of the packaging suggests, the scent suggests the freshness of a blooming flower in order to emphasize the beauty and refinement of a woman.

The Cap Design

As for its scent however, this floral sparkling fragrance comes as a prelude, a vibrant sophisticated burst dominated by Lemon, Pear, and Rose. Upon wear, it also reveals the striking sensuality of Freesia and Violet with the remarkable note of Peach as well.

In addition to this, you can see from its cap, it has bright Fleur-de Lys emblems and a beautiful architectural facet which remains an elegant gentle that contributes to its packaging. Other than that, its magnetic trail of scent is centered around Ambrox, Musk and Cedarwood too.

On Overall

Now this scent comes in 3 sizes, one in 30ml, another in 50ml and the last one in 100ml. The price range for this goes from RM180-RM320, but SaSa is currently having a sale at their stores where you can also get a 10% rebate on the perfume, so do remember to take a look. For more updates, you can also head on to SaSa's Official Facebook Page for further information.


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