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Your Cup of Tea? | Follow Me Green Tea's Haircare Variant

The Range by Follow Me

A newly reformulated hair care range has reached our desk recently, and after giving them a go over the past couple of weeks, its about time that we have a sit down and discuss about them on the platform.

Now the products in question that we are talking about here is the Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner.  Claimed to be enriched with Green Tea, Vitamin C& E, its description states that it is meant to help strengthen hair from the roots,  protect the strands from free radicals and to keep them more manageable and healthy in the long run.

Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo | Soft & Smooth

The Products 

However, the first thing that you would need to know is that the Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo comes in 5 variants, one which is the 6-in-1 Care, the Anti-dandruff, Anti-Hair Fall, Soft & Smooth and finally Scalp Care. As for the Conditioner, it comes in two types, which is the Soft & Smooth and the Anti-Hair Fall.

Sakura Extract

So here is what we have to go with. Now we can only speak on behalf of the Soft & Smooth range, but this collection is lovely to use. Both scents in the range are not particularly the same but if you enjoy using haircare that is on the floral side, then this would be your cup of tea.

However let's get down to the basics and talk about how these products would work for the hair best. If you have oily hair, then this range would lift the excess oil away wonderfully and cleanse the scalp well. It does not take away too much moisture which is nice and gives the strands an extra layer of protection when the conditioner is used too.

The Description

As for those with really dry hair, the moisturization level in this range is decent but not as high as we would have liked it to be, but then again, it does clean the scalp well and diminishes any form of dirt and oil, leaving the hair fresh and light. The best takeaway from this is that it also controls any form of frizz as well, which is always a thumbs up on our end.


So on overall, this range from Follow Me is quite impressive, and seeing as they come in two sizes (320ml for RM10.90 & 650ml for RM18.90) at a very affordable price point, they are just great. However it is always best to pick the range that is suitable to your hair needs, so if you would like to give them a try, they are available in drugstores like Watsons and Guardians; plus all other hypermarkets here in Malaysia as well.


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