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Tips & Tricks to Selecting the Perfect Bouquet for Your Loved Ones

On Selection

Beauty is one thing, but when it is time to get down and romantic for your other half, here are some tips and tricks on how to select the right type of gifts (or in which in this we mean bouquet) for your loved ones.

On Bouquets

Now in all relationships, whether it is with your family or your partner, the one thing that stands to be effective above all, is to be unexpected. What we mean by this is to do something sweet or even surprise your loved ones on an ordinary day. Take the time to plan this for every thought and attention to detail does count, and once all is said and done, your efforts will certainly be appreciated and thus your bond will strengthen.
Going the extra mile

However with special occasions like Valentines Days or Anniversaries where you would want to go the additional mile, floral arrangements have come to be a rather popular choice among millennials. However don't just pop by to a supermarket and have your choices limited there, instead head on over to a good florist and have a look at what they have. Plus here is where we come in at some dos and don'ts to selecting an arrangement that conveys "You mean the world to me."

How To Select A Floral Arrangement For Your Loved Ones:

  • Know the type of flowers that your partner loves
    • If you have been in your relationship in awhile, this is something you should know hands down. Don't just limit yourself to red roses, but instead show your versatility and originality by selecting an arrangement that incorporates what he/she loves together with it.

  • Pick the Freshest Florals
    • The tip to selecting a fresh bouquet is to go for the least bloomed floral in the bunch. Your gift will last much longer and it will be appreciated much more over time.

  • Don't be Afraid To Get Colorful
    • Now while a lot of people like solid tones, don't be afraid to throw in a splash of color to your floral arrangement. It can be in a variety of muted tones or even a bicolor bloom. With this, you will also be getting a fuller arrangement for a lower cost.

  • Order Online for More Variety
    • So if you do not have the time to go over to a traditional store front, try using an online florist retailer. There are a good many that have in-house promotions and are more likely to make your arrangement fresh rather than giving up pre-made display pieces. If you are based in Singapore, a good one to give a go at is Little Flower Hut.

  • Order Ahead
    • Always order ahead of time. This ensures that your arrangement will arrive when you would want it to, plus you will avoid paying more as prices for bouquets tend to go up leading to a special occasion.

So there you have it. Therefore, always remember that if you are planning on selecting the right bouquet for your loves ones no matter what the occasion is, it is always best to just bear this at the back of your mind so you can vary the options out to know what would work best for you. After all, it will not only be time efficient but for the most of it, it will also give value to the arrangement that you select at the end of the day.


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