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Hariz Halton | Distinctive, Premium and Exceptional

The Hariz Halton Wallet

There is just something about Japanese wallet designs that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus when their merchandising patterns are merged with Italian and American designers, the element of style, modernity and elegance is thus raised, hence having its quality and innovation much appreciated even more.

The Packaging

Now when we talk about Hariz Halton Japan which is the latest Japanese premium wallets in Malaysia, the first thing right off the bat that you would notice about its range, is the quality of its craftsmanship. I kid you not, their products are just immeasurable, and completely one of a kind that is beaming with individuality. Thus when its curated with beautiful luscious leather, glossiness and solid thickness in form, that is when you know that you are definitely in for an unique treat.

The Close Up
The Warranty

So to all of you who would like to know more about this Japanese premium brand, the first thing to take note is that its standard is at the height of equivalence to Louis Vuitton. Also, seeing that this is made of prime quality and well designed by Italian, Japanese and American designers in a fusion of cross border innovation that took over 10 years of work and research, the brand transcends to being distinctive and unparalleled.

The Make

Hence with that being said, let us take a minute to talk about the wallet's functionality. The one that we have here is called the Bias Line-7 and we have it in the shade Ruby (the latter is in Garnet).

From its picture above, you can already see that the focus of this wallet pulls towards a more convenient card slot design and having a double emblem at the front that reflects Hariz Halton's worldview, the overall size and structure of it is completely firm and sturdy, but yet soft to its touch and fits in hand easily for ease of usage.


Its lining is also done with prism leather and has a high quality monogram in terms of its pattern and zips. What was realized however is that the wallet has pretty nice wide gussets too, which makes it easy to take cards and cash out at ease without the worry of getting them stuck in between.

So in total there are 12 card slots within, an additional 3 at the front, 2 compartments within for bills, 2 inside flat pockets and 1 coin compartment. With this, you could see that this wallet was well thought of and thus is simply seamless to utilize on a daily basis.

On Overall

Now in terms of the price point, the Hariz Halton wallets range from RM925 to RM3,382.50 depending on design. Plus as each of them are unique pieces and are not one to be found just anywhere else, you can check them out at Japan Premium's Official Website. In addition, if you would like to make a purchase as well, you can also use the code 'HARIZTEN' for a 10% rebate too.


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