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Ariul 7days Mask Review

It has been awhile since we have spoken about new masks that have come into our midst, and for 2021, we have a new skincare brand that has landed in Malaysia called Ariul that has recently launched at Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide since November 2020. 

Now a quick introduction to these, is that the brand Ariul originates from Korea and as such, it uses 100% natural ingredients to achieve healthier, glowing, and radiant skin. There are 7 variants to select from which are Aloe, Green Tea, Lemon, Tea Tree, Bamboo Water, Avocado and Pomegranate and these only need to be used 20 minutes daily for a good refresher.

Ariul 7 Day Mask Variants:

  • Aloe for Calming & Soothing the skin | Sensitive skin. 
  • Green Tea for Sebum Control | Oily skin. 
  • Lemon for Brightening & Smoothing | Dull skin. 
  • Tea Tree for Clearing & Purifying | Acne prone skin.
  • Bamboo for Hydrating & Moisturising | Dry skin 
  • Avocado for Calming & Soothing | Sensitive skin 
  • Pomegranate to improve skin elasticity | Aging skin.

So in terms, let's begin with the packaging first. Personally we love the aesthetic of this; from the complete description being the mask's forefront design, along with a small little hand-drawn image in frame at the right side of the packaging. It is a very minimalistic k-beauty design which is absolutely loved and at RM6.50 each, why not right?

As for its utilisation, it is pretty straightforward because you simply have to remove the mask and apply it gently on the face for 20 minutes. Once done, you would just have to massage the excess product in gently, and if there is any extra, you can also apply it to the neck as well.

In terms to its performance and result, the sheet mask is very cooling on its own so there isn't a need for you to put it in a fridge for a cooling effect. You could still do it if you would want to no worries, but we personally enjoy it without. Having it on the skin was pretty nice as well, however we do want to mention that the mask is a little thick, so while its size is a good fit for the face, layering it on might take a bit of work, especially if you would want to have it on smoothly. It doesn't slip and slide though so that's a bonus as well.

After application, we did notice that the residue did leave a little bit of stickiness on the face, but no matter because it left the skin feeling well moisturised and glowing. Personally, we quite like the effect which did carry on throughout the day, and since the range is affordable, you can also opt to wear one variant per day to see how it feels on the skin. 

So if you would like to know more about Ariul masks, you can definitely go on to their Official Website to find out more, but in the meantime in terms to their availability, they can be found at Watsons as well.

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